Beston Charcoal Machines Have Enjoyed a Great Prestige in the World

Beston Charcoal Machines

With the implementation of environmental protection policy advocated by the government, many enterprises have found new ways to realize the energy-saving and cost reduction. The biomass charcoal making machine, also called biomass carbonization machine, can be said a representative of environmental protection projects, which mainly uses various types of biomass wastes as raw materials, such … Read more

Beston Plastic Pyrolysis Machine is a New Project Combined Environmental Protection with Economic Benefits


Waste plastic is the chief culprit of white pollution. With the gradually increasing of people’s awareness in environmental protection, the treatment of waste plastic has become more and more urgency. Beston plastic waste pyrolysis machine is a good assistant in disposal of environmental pollution, ad its economic efficiency is also obvious. The pyrolysis of waste … Read more