Recycling Waste Tires for Rubber Powder Production

Recycling Waste Tires for Rubber Powder Production

Crushing discarded tires and other rubber products into rubber powder is called vulcanized rubber powder, which can be directly applied into various rubber products and building materials, or transformed into regenerated rubber. Comparing the two kinds of crafts, the former can omit the process of desulfurization, washing, drying, milling and refining, and eliminate the pollution … Read more

Security device is core in the researching and development of Beston pyrolysis plant

Beston Pyrolysis Plant Design

Security is the most important thing in the production. Through continuous researches and development, Beston has designed the waste pyrolysis plant with advanced security device, which can guarantee safety and no pollution in production. 1. Specific operating tech to deal with all the bug during the production 2. Hydroseal and Vacuum system will prevent exhaust … Read more

Tyre pyrolysis plant is the most ideal method to reduce waste pollution and turn waste into wealth

Tyre pyrolysis oil plant

Since the 1970s, some industrialized countries has been engaged in researching taking advantage of waste tyres. For example, the Japanese and Americans used waste tyre as fuel materials for power generation and manufacture of cement. But since the 1990s, UK, USA and many other countries have paid attention to tyre pyrolysis. These countries adopted 1000℃ … Read more