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Plastic Recycling Machine for Sale

We use plastic products almost everywhere in our daily life, so plastic waste is piled up higher and higher. There are various kinds of plastic materials, such as PP, PET, ABS, PVC, PPS, PE, etc. To effectively recycle all kinds of plastic waste materials, Beston has developed the newest waste plastic recycling machine for sale, which can not only reduce plastic pollution, but also can bring wealth for customers.

plastic recycling machine for sale
Hot Plastic Recycling Machine for Sale

Through a series of operations, Beston plastic recycling machine for sale can recycle waste plastic waste into plastic granules. The plastic granules produced by waste plastics can be widely used as chemical fiber textile materials, raw material for PET sheet, engineering plastics injection molding, raw materials for making new plastic products, etc.

PE granules
Plastic granules

Beston plastic recycling machinery for sale has been designed with many featured characteristics, such as high-quality final products, long service life, durable devices, easy and convenient operation, high efficiency and output rate, high security guarantee, low noise, space saving, energy saving, etc. With these advantages, our plastic recycling machines for sale are becoming more and more popular in the international market and have been exported to more than twenty countries.

Granulation by extrusion is the most basic and simplest method of recycling waste plastics, which also has been widely used in many areas. The advantages of Beston waste plastic recycling machine for sale are as follows:

1. It is convenient to feed, and doesn’t need to install the forced feeder on the feeding hopper.

2. The relative density of particles is larger than that of powder, and the strength of plastic products is better.

3. The color of plastic products is also uniform.

4. Granular materials contains less air agents and volatile, so that the plastic products are not easy to produce bubbles.

5. The whole waste plastic recycling production process of granulation has no pollution.

buy plastic recycling machine
Buy Plastic Recycling Machine from Beston Machinery

Parts and functions of Beston plastic recycling machine for sale:

Belt Conveyor Conveying  clean PE film flakes into agglomerator.
Agglomerator Compacting machine,two in one with extruder, high speed rotating, pregranulating PE film, easy to be plasticized.
Extruder Single screw, high speed rotating, low consumption, excellent plasticized affection.
Hydraulic filter changer Non-stop, high efficiency.
Die face cutting system Watering cutting type, hot cutting.
Down spouting Cooling the cutted graules, recyclable.
Centrifugal drier Dewatering or remove moisture from the wet granules.
Vibration screen Separate big graules from regular granules, big granules could be granulating again directly.
Air loading system Conveying the PE granules to storage and remove the rest moisture by air.
Storage hopper Storaging recycled and reworked final product: PE granules.

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Otherwise, we are also professional manufacturer & supplier of plastic pyrolysis recycling machines. It is another recycling machine that can convert waste plastics into fuel oil and carbon black. Contact us for more details now!

Plastic Pyrolysis Recycling Machine
BLJ-10 Plastic Pyrolysis Recycling Machine Shipped to Korea

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