4 Sets of BST-05 Pro Skid-mounted Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to India

An Indian customer has ordered 4 sets of BST-05 Pro skid-mounted biochar production equipment to produce biochar. At present, the first set of biochar equipment has already arrived in India. The other three sets are on their way for delivery. To know more details about this case, please read on.

BST-05 Pro Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to India
BST-05 Pro Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to India

Information of BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Equipment Shipped to India

  • Model: 4 sets of BST-05 Pro skid-mounted biochar production equipment;
  • Equipment configuration: standard configuration;
  • Raw material to process: groundnut shell, cotton stalk, juliflora chips (moisture<15%, size<2cm);
  • Required final product: charcoal;
  • End product use: used as fuel.

BST-05 Pro Biochar Equipment Delivered to India

Solution for Indian Customer’s Problems

During this collaboration, our Indian customer had some technical and operational concerns. Our team of engineers proactively engages in several video conferences with the Indian customer, actively addressing their questions. This ensured the successful implementation of the customer’s project.

Shipment of Mobile Biochar Machine to India

Satisfactory Trial Test of BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Machine in India

The skid-mounted design of BST-05 Pro offers the advantage of mobility, making it easy to relocate as needed. Additionally, With a moderate capacity and price, the BST-05 Pro model makes sense for the project testing phase. Therefore, the Indian customer finally opts for the skid-mounted BST-05pro model to assess the technical feasibility and operational viability of the charcoal making machine. At present,  the Indian customer has conducted a test.

We are thrilled to report that the results from the machine test are highly satisfactory. The Indian customer is not only pleased with the performance but also the outcome of the produced biochar. This positive feedback further solidifies the BST-05 Pro’s reputation as a reliable and efficient solution for biochar production.

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