Beston Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Equipment for Sale

Beston Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Equipment for Sale

Medical waste has highly infectious, bio-toxicity and corrosion, and if discharged without strict management and correct treatment, these waste would be lost by rain or wind, which will cause the pollution of air, water, soil and also directly bring harm to the human body.

Different from the domestic waste, medical waste possesses the characteristics of space infection, acute infection cross infection and latent infection because of the considerable and the various of germs. All of these decided it is more harmful.

Beston Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Equipment for Sale
Beston Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Equipment for Sale

In order to ensure that the medical waste can be disposed timely, efficiently and harmlessly, to prevent the disease spreading, Beston Group has introduced the pyrolysis technology that medical waste can be converted into fuel oil after high temperature sterilization. It can make a thorough treatment of medical waste, in this way it can not only save the cost of transportation and landfill, but also turn waste into treasure to create higher economic efficiency.

The specific operation process of medical waste on the early stage:

Feeding→ Sterilization→ Discharge→ Crushing→ Convey Collector→ Auto Purification→ Recycle

Pyrolysis process of the medical waste treatment equipment:

After high temperature cooking, the medical waste is directly transferred to biomass decomposition process in the low temperature and normal pressure, and then catalyzed and heated to distillate the oil vapor, after that the part of oil gas can be liquefied through the condenser to form mixed oil, the other part is burned on the bottom of the fuel gas system after the process of the gas purification system, by this method it either saves fuel resource or has no harmful gas.

The smoke generated by burning enters the spray tower to be mixed with the alkali liquor of water pump (having alkali liquor in water tank), at this time the alkali material of the alkali liquor and the acidoid in the flue have a neutralization reaction to achieve to clean the acidoid of the gas.

The gas after the neutralization reactor eliminate the residual alkali liquor in the flue gas though the packing in the adsorption tower, and then drops into the water tank, the cleaning smoke discharges to complete the desulfurization and dust removal of flue gas. The residue after the pyrolysis process will be transferred into the carbon black slag collection tank, which is very environmental and pollution-free.

Best Medical Waste Treatment Equipment from Beston Group
Best Medical Waste Treatment Equipment from Beston Group

Advantages of the medical waste pyrolysis equipment:

1. Advanced technology: the multi-functional separator which is researched by ourselves can remove the solid and liquid in the gas as much as possible to achieve the separator of the solid and liquid and to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline and equipment.

2. Efficient dust removal: the flue dust remove system, with a double-way water impact cyclone dust chamber, can ensure that the flue gas outlet can reach the the national discharge standard.

3. Well sealing: the whole waste medical equipment introduces the high efficiency heating system, and the main fuels are coal, oil and non-condensate gas mixture. The environmental effect of the whole equipment can reach the highest standard of the European and American countries. What’s more, it has also passed the American EPI.

4. Excellent cooling effect: the condenser possesses the features of good cooling effect, compact structure, not easy to block, little flow resistance and easy to clean, to prevent the dirt scale blocking the pipeline.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: during the operation process of pyrolysis production line, there is a little combustible gas which is not liquefied under the normal temperature and pressure can burn in the pyrolysis reactor though the non-condensable gas burner equipment, thus, it will produce a large number of heat energy which either avoids polluting the air or saves fuel.

6. Lower noise: the noise in the operation is no more than 65 dB and no smoke.

7. Extensive applications: the pyrolysis reactor that produced by Beston Machinery can be applied in many pyrolysis areas, such as waste tire, waste plastic, waste rubber, oil sludge, etc.

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