BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Sudan – Shipment and Installation and Comissioning

A Sudanese customer has purchased a set of BLJ-16 tyre pyrolysis plant from Beston Group to invest in the growing pyrolysis oil market. Now this project has been successfully launched in Sudan. Here is a comprehensive overview of the collaboration process.

BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Sudan
BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Sudan

Why The Sudanese Customer Choose Beston

The Sudanese customer initially visited our website, where they were impressed by our professionalism and extensive experience in the pyrolysis field. Consequently, they contacted us to obtain detailed information about the tyre pyrolysis project. During the ongoing communication, our professional quotation sheet reinforces their trust in us. Additionally, our commitment to after-sales service can provide basic guarantee for their project. Therefore, they made the decision to partner with us.

Production and Delivery of BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Machine in Sudan

After the cooperation contract was signed, we promptly initiated the production process in our factory to ensure the fastest possible delivery. After a one-month production cycle, we began shipping the BLJ-16 tyre pyrolysis plant to Sudan.

Conveyor Belt Shipped to Sudan
Conveyor Belt
Pyrolysis Reactor Shipped to Sudan
Pyrolysis Reactor
3 in 1 Oil Condensor Shipped to Sudan
3 in 1 Oil Condensor

Installation of BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant in Sudan

With the arrival of BLJ-16 waste tire pyrolysis plant in Sudan, we fulfill our commitment to the Sudanese customer. We have arranged for professional engineers and after-sales teams to provide them with detailed installation guidance.

Install BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Sudan

BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Sudan

Commissioning of BLJ-16 tire pyrolysis machine in Sudan

In order to guarantee the smooth operation of the machine and the success of the project, the Sudanese customer conducted a test on the BLJ-16 tyre pyrolysis plant. As a result, the machine performed admirably and successfully produced pyrolysis oil. The customer is very satisfied with the test results.

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