BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Machine To Argentina – Process Tyres/Plastics

New delivery news is coming! It is a BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine to Argentina. It would be used to dispose of tires and plastic. The customer would get pyrolysis oil from the tire and plastic recycling business project. If you are planning to do a recycling business in your country, welcome to see the information about pyrolysis machine in Argentina.


Introduction Of BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Machine To Argentina

BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine to Argentina is the smallest model in Beston Group. Because of skid mounted design, it has small volume, easy installation, easy transportation, and other advantages. The Argentina customer is interested in the skid design of the BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine. The BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine can fully satisfy the demands of the Argentina customer. So, he places the order for the BLJ-3 machine.

Before delivery, all components of the BLJ-3 machine are mounted onto the base. When the BLJ-3 machine arrives at the customer’s site, the customer just needs to connect the circuit. Beston Group would arrange a professional engineer to do the installation service for the customer. The installation of the BLJ-3 machine is very easy. Therefore, online installation guidance is fit for the BLJ-3 machine.

BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Machine To Argentina
BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Machine To Argentina

Video Of BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Machine To Argentina

  • Manufacturing time: 30 workdays
  • Delivery time: July 23, 2022
  • Delivery port: Qingdao Port

It is estimated that the BLJ-3 skid mounted pyrolysis machine would arrive in Argentina after 45 days. Here, you see the video from the delivery site – Beston Group factory. You would have an intuitive experience of the delivery.

In The End

BLJ-3 skid mounted pyrolysis plant to Argentina is a good machine that can do a contribution to environmental problem solving. A tyre pyrolysis machine is an eco-friendly way to process tires, plastics, and oil sludge. If you are interested in the recycling business, please feel free to contact us to get a specific project design.

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