BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Successfully Delivered to Sweden

In an exciting development, a set of BST-05Pro mobile biochar machine has arrived in Sweden in 2023. Its entire production process spans over two months, with the shipment from July 21st to September 10th. You can read on to learn the details.

BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Delivered to Sweden

Details of BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine to Sweden

The BST-05Pro mobile carbonization machine boasts a processing capacity of 0.3-0.5m³ per hour, making it an ideal solution for biochar production pilot projects. The Swedish customer has opted for the standard configuration BST-05Pro model. He plans to source suitable raw materials locally, tailoring biochar production to the unique conditions in Sweden.

BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to Sweden

Biochar Applications Planned by the Swedish Customer

The biochar produced by the BST-05Pro mobile biochar machine serves dual purposes for the Swedish customer.

For barbecuing charcoal:
The Swedish customer plans to use high-quality biochar to invest in the barbecue charcoal market. This sustainable charcoal can provide a clean and reliable fuel source for barbecues.

For carbon offset trading:
Apart from investing in barbecue charcoal, the Swedish customer envisions utilizing biochar for carbon offset trading. This is because biochar has shown excellent performance in carbon sequestration.

Generated Biochar

Reason Behind Choosing the BST-05Pro Model

The Swedish customer’s decision to opt for the BST-05Pro model is driven by its unique advantages. For customers engaged in large-scale projects, the feasibility testing phase is crucial. The BST-05Pro charcoal making machine, with its moderate capacity and reasonable pricing, is well-suited for such projects. Moreover, its modular design offers the advantage of easy installation and relocation. Therefore, it perfectly suits to meet the Swedish customer’s need for testing project feasibility.

BST-05PRO Skid-mounted Charcoal Machine to Sweden

BST-05PRO Biochar Machine Shipped to Sweden

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