Shipment of BST-10 Carbonization Machine to Serbia

BST-10 Carbonization Machine Shipped to Serbia for Sewage Sludge Treatment in 2023

A customer from Serbia has placed an order with Beston Group for a BST-10 carbonization machine with two dryers to process municipal sewage sludge. The produced biochar is planned to be used for soil improvement. This project is being undertaken with the support of the Serbian government. It can be anticipated that this equipment will play a significant role in environmental sustainability practices. Now the BST-10 carbonization machine has been shipped to Serbia.  Let’s see the details.

Shipment of BST-10 Carbonization Machine to Serbia
Shipment of BST-10 Carbonization Machine to Serbia

Carbonization Technology: An Effective Solution for Sewage Sludge Treatment

Traditional methods of sewage sludge treatment include landfilling, incineration, agricultural land spreading, deep well injection, etc. However, these ways often have shortcomings that result in environmental pollution and thus increase costs for municipalities and industries. At present, carbonization technology has emerged as a more promising and effective solution.

The primary benefit of carbonization is its ability to convert organic sludge into valuable biochar. Biochar is not only a good fuel resource but also can be used in soil improvement, carbon sequestration, and other fields. Therefore, unlike traditional methods that merely dispose of sludge, carbonization machine provides an environmentally and economically sustainable way. This approach aligns with the principles of circular economy and can also make contributions to soil remediation.

Why The Serbian Customer Decides to Start Carbonization Project with Beston?

The support of the Serbian government and the expertise of Beston in the carbonization field have jointly facilitated this collaboration.

National Support: The Serbian government actively promotes sustainable sewage sludge management practices. The government provides economic subsidies for this purpose, with approximately 200 euros in subsidies available for every ton of sludge processed. This makes the enterprise financially viable. Furthermore, the close relationship between the Serbian customer and a local large state-owned wastewater treatment plant has facilitated the implementation of the project.

Beston’s Expertise in Carbonization Field: Our expertise in carbonization technology makes us the preferred partner. The BST-10 biochar production equipment meets the strict requirements of our customers, demonstrating outstanding product quality and performance. Furthermore, our comprehensive services, including installation, maintenance, training, etc., provide our Serbian customer with even greater confidence.

Ship Dryer of BST-10 Carbonization Machine to Serbia

BST-10 Carbonizaiton Machine Shipped to Serbia

Great Comments from The Serbian Customer for Beston Group

We have always adhered to the customer-centric philosophy. We are delighted to receive recognition and praise from the Serbian customer for our carbonization machine and services during our cooperation. We look forward to collaborating with more partners to further optimize our products and services and meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Great Comments of The Serbian Customer for Beston Group
Great Comments of The Serbian Customer for Beston Group

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