Export BLJ-3 Smallest Portable Pyrolysis Machine to Australia

Portable Pyrolysis Machine to Australia

Delightful news! Australia is a new market for Beston. BLJ-3 portable pyrolysis machine is the first set of machine that we export to Australia. The customer wants to use the BLJ-3 machine to process tires into pyrolysis oil. If you have the same demands, welcome to see the following introductions: Why Australian Customer Buy BLJ-3 … Read more

BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit Of Beston Was Shipped to Mauritania

Export Smoke Pipe and 3m 89 Seamless Pipe

Delightful news! BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis unit from Beston Company was shipped to Mauritania. Mauritania is the new market for Beston. It is the first time for Beston to export products to Mauritania. Here, we would like to share more information about the BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine in Mauritania now! Why did the Mauritanian Customer Choose the … Read more

Beston BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Was Exported to Canada

BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machine to Canada

Pyrolysis technology has been recognized by environmentalists. Turning plastic and tire into fuel oil is absolutely the most eco-friendly way among the recycling ways. More and more customers begin to ask about the pyrolysis machine. Recently, Beston exported the BLJ-16 machine to Canada in December 2021. Are you interested in starting a pyrolysis project in … Read more

Export Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine to Venezuela

Export Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine to Venezuela

In December 2021, Beston had exported a set of BST-10 sawdust charcoal making machine to Venezuela. With the increasing awareness of resource reuse, more and more begin to find new ways to dispose of biomass waste, such as sawdust, rice husk, coconut shell, bamboo, and so on. Turning biomass waste into charcoal is a popular … Read more

Small Type Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Bangladesh

Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Bangladesh

Congratulations! A set of small type skid-mounted pyrolysis plant was shipped to Bangladesh in December 2021. Want to know more about the case? Welcome to see the sharing pictures from the Beston factory: Introductions of BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Machine to Bangladesh Model: BLJ-3 Capacity: 1-3t/d Raw material to process: Waste plastic Working method: Batch BLJ-3 skid-mounted … Read more

Ship the Charcoal Making Machine to Nigeria

BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine to Nigeria

Good news! A set of BST-10 charcoal making machine was shipped to Nigeria. Are you a charcoal machine investor? Want to know more about Beston cases? Welcome to see the delivery video and pictures of the BST-10 machine to Nigeria. Believe you would get to know the Beston in a more comprehensive way after seeing … Read more

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine of Beston Was Running in Ghana

Installation Site Of Sawdust Charcoal Machine in Ghana

Glad to know the newest information from Ghana. Currently, the sawdust charcoal making machine of Beston is running normally in Ghana. Want to know more about the delivery and installation details? Welcome to find them from the following pictures and introductions. Installation Site From Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine in Ghana In this project installation process, … Read more

Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Machine Was Shipped to Shaanxi Province, China

Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Machine to Shaanxi Province, China

Congratulations! Oil sludge pyrolysis machine with four reactors of Beston was shipped to Shaanxi Province, China successfully. As a Chinese pyrolysis machine manufacturer, it took a few days to deliver the plant to Shaanxi Province. We would like to share more information on the BLJ-16 delivery here. Welcome to know more now! High Praise From … Read more

BST-30 Palm Shell Charcoal Making Machine Was Installed in Malaysia

BST-30 Palm Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Malaysia

Congratulations! A set of Beston charcoal making machine was installed in Malaysia successfully. It is a BST-30 machine that can process 2.5-3tons of raw materials per hour. Malaysia is rich in palm trees. Therefore, the customer uses the palm shell to make charcoal. Palm shell is a kind of biomass. So, it is absolutely suitable … Read more

Bamboo Charcoal Machine Was Installed In Hubei Province, China

Installing BST-50 Bamboo Charcoal Machine In China

Good news! A set of bamboo charcoal making machine from Beston had arrived in Hubei Province, China. On the basis of the customer’s demand, we dispatched Beston professional engineer to help the customer to install the plant. The customer warmly treated our engineer. And, the installation workers totally followed the guide from Beston engineer. So, … Read more