Botswana Customer Visited Pyrolysis Machine and Distillation Machine

Botswana Customer In Beston Machinery

Good news! Botswana customers came to China and visited Beston Machinery. Before arriving, they had known pyrolysis machine and distillation machine well. Through the visiting, they wanted to see the machines. In Beston factory, the customers saw some details about pyrolysis machine. Under the help of our engineer, they had a better understanding of the … Read more

Malaysian Customers Visited Beston Pyrolysis Machine

Malaysian Customers Visited Beston Pyrolysis Machine

Good news! Malaysian customers have interested in investing pyrolysis machine. Through communicating with email and whatsapp, they knew much more about pyrolysis technology and Beston Machinery. Therefore, they came to China and visited Beston pyrolysis machine. Meanwhile, they saw the running pyrolysis plant. They spoke highly of the amazing machine that can turn waste tires … Read more

BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant Was Shipped To Uganda

Pyrolysis Reactor To Uganda

Congratulations! Beston pyrolsyis plant was shipped to Uganda. Before delivery, we sent the videos of the plant to customer. He was satisfied with our design details and product quality. Then, we confirmed and arranged the delivery. See the pictures here: The set of waste pyrolysis plant contains two sets of pyrolysis reactor, one set of … Read more

Malaysian Customers Visited Beston Carbonization Machine

Malaysia Customers In Beston Office

Good news! Malaysian customers visited Beston carbonization machine. The customers wanted to purchase the machine to dispose of palm kernel shell. Through visiting our factory, he found that the technology of carbonization machine and the quality of end products are first class. The customers had a traditional carbonization furnace. Due to low production efficiency, they … Read more

Thailand’s Customer Visited Beston Machinery Biomass Carbonization Plant

Thailand’s Customer In Beston Factory

Good news! The Thailand’s customer visited our biomass carbonization plant. The customer has been focused on palm oil industry for more than 10 years. He wanted to maximize the value of palm. Therefore, he sought out the carbonization project and planned to turn palm shell into charcoal. During visiting period, the customer was interested in … Read more

Sawdust Carbonization Machine Installed In Turkey

Carbonization Machine In Turkey

Congratulations! Sawdust carbonization machine was installed in Turkey successfully. You can see the pictures from the installation site as the followings: The Turkey customer purchased the biomass carbonization machine from Beston Machinery to dispose of sawdust. It is a high efficiency machine that can turn sawdust into charcoal. The machine can be used to dispose … Read more

Chile Customers Visited Beston Machinery

Chile Customers Visited Beston Machinery

On January 17, 2019, Chile customers visited Beston Machinery. Chile customers are running a company that is specialized in waste recycling. They wanted to know more about waste pyrolysis plant and waste sorting machine through this visiting. For pyrolysis plant: they hope to pyrolyze waste tire and waste plastic to get fuel oil. Then, through … Read more

Beston BST-50 Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine In Ukraine

BST-50 Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine In Ukraine

Congratulations! Beston BST-50 sawdust charcoal making machine in Ukraine was installed successfully. Customer was satisfied with our commissioning engineer who went to the site to guide the installment and adjustment. At present, the BST-50 machine in Ukraine is running normally. See the pictures from the manufacturing site: Ukraine customer purchased the BST-50 charcoal machine for … Read more

BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant To South Africa

BLL-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to South Africa

Good news! Beston BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant was shipped to South Africa. Also, we have informed customer the delivery time. Here are the pictures: The customer purchased the pyrolysis plant to pyrolyze the waste tire into fuel oil. Also, you can get carbon black, steel wire from the recycling process. South Africa is one of our … Read more

Kenya Customer Visited Us And Talked About Carbonization Technology

Kenya Customer Visited Carbozation Machine

On 19th, October, a customer from Kenya visited our company and factory. In the factory, he inspected our manufacturing situation, such as CNC flame and plasma cutting machine for steel plate, steel plate shearer, automatic welding machine, also workmanship of carbon dioxide gas shielded, etc. He was satisfied with our design and fabrication. What’s more, … Read more