Completion of BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Installation in Paraguay

Exciting update! The installation of BLJ-3 tyre pyrolysis plant has been completed successfully in Paraguay. The Paraguay customer set up this plant to process waste tires, converting them into valuable pyrolysis oil for sale. This initiative is beneficial for environmental preservation and resource utilization. Read on to discover more about this remarkable project.

BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Installation in Paraguay

Installation Details

BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis plant has adopted a skid-mounted design, which is easy to transport and install. Delivered in containerized modules, it is nearly 90% pre-assembled in the factory, ready for immediate use upon unloading. Therefore, with this efficient setup, the customer in Paraguay opts to install the machine using their own workers. This can save some costs. At the same time, our experienced engineers offers useful guidance and support to ensure the installation proceeded smoothly and efficiently. This joint effort facilitates the smooth installation of the BLJ-3 pyrolysis plant. Please find the videos about the installation site in Paraguay for your reference.

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