Installation and Commissioning of 2 Sets of 12-16T/D Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plants in South Sudan

Great! Two sets of BLJ-16 oil sludge pyrolysis plants have completed installation and commissioning in South Sudan. Below are the details of this remarkable project:

Installation of 2 Sets of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plants in South Sudan
Installation of 2 Sets of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plants in South Sudan

Information on Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in South Sudan

  • Product configuration: 2 sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plants + automatic screw feeder + water cooling discharger;
  • Working capacity: 12-16t/d per set;
  • Working mode: semi-continuous;
  • Raw material to process: drill cuttings, tank bottom oil sludge, floor oil sludge, etc.;
  • Final product: pyrolysis fuel oil.

During the project, our customer from South Sudan pays close attention to the automation level of the machine. They aim to improve operational efficiency and reduce labor costs through this means. We highly value the needs of our customer and improve the feeding and discharging methods based on the standard configuration. The customized configuration has received positive feedback from the customer.

Installation Site of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in South Sudan

Video of Installation and Commissioning of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in South Sudan

  • Installation: Our technical team has assisted our customer in advance by designing infrastructure construction plans. Subsequently, our professional installation team has gone to South Sudan to help the customer resolve any installation issues. As a result, the installation of these two sets of oil sludge pyrolysis plant is completed smoothly.
  • Commissioning: We also provide support to the customer during machine trial operations. The results were nothing short of exceptional, with the machines operating smoothly and delivering satisfactory oil output.

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