Installation Completed: BST-30 Biochar Machine in Malaysia

Around June 2023, a set of BST-30 biochar machine reached Malaysia, initiating its installation process. As of now, the equipment is nearly fully installed. For those intrigued by this case, there’s more to discover – read on for further details.

Installation Site of BST-30 Biochar Machine in Malaysia
Installation Site of BST-30 Biochar Machine in Malaysia

Project Details of BST-30 Biochar Machine in Malaysia

Model: BST-30 biochar production equipment;
Configuration: standard BST-30 + a dryer + condenser;
Raw materials: wood chips and sawdust (size around 2cm, moisture 30%-40%);
Source of raw materials: local wood mills;
Product requirements: collecting biochar, tar, and wood vinegar;
Product utilization: Intended for sale or carbon sink.

BST-30 Biochar Machine Installed in Malaysia

Project Context: Popular Biochar and Booming Carbon Sink Market

Biochar has extensive applications in agriculture, industry, and daily life, making it a marketable commodity. Carbon sequestration is one of its key applications. As a carbon-rich organic substance, biochar possesses the ability to permanently sequester carbon in the soil. This contributes to the reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels, combating climate change. The BST-30 biochar production project aligns with the current trends of the carbon sink market. The Malaysian customer aims to establish a foothold in biochar production initially and subsequently enter the carbon credit market.

Biochar and Carbon Sequestration
Biochar and Carbon Sequestration

Solution for Challenge of BST-30 Biochar Production Project

Challenge: How to obtain environmental impact assessment (EIA) certification?
Solution: In response, our project team offers exhaust and waste emission data to assist the Malaysian customer in obtaining the necessary certifications.

Dryer Installed in Malaysia

Install Wood Charcoal Machine in Malaysia

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