Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Project

Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Project Report

Overview of the medical waste pyrolysis program

Medical waste contains about 70% of plastic. The high temperature catalytic pyrolysis of medical waste after crushing and dehydration can not only achieve harmless treatment, but also achieve resource utilization. The entire pyrolysis system is completely enclosed when working, which will not cause secondary pollution.

1. Waste water treatment: it has two parts in using water. One part is condenser water, without any pollution. Another part is dust with the alkali, which is circulating water. It needs to be added regularly with the evaporation, and there is only a small amount sewage to be discharged. The sewage can be discharged along with the collection and transport vehicles and disinfection of sewage containers after meeting the standard.

Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Project
Medical Waste Pyrolysis Treatment Project

2. Waste residue treatment: as the composition of medical waste is complex, some things can’t be completely cracked. So the sludge from the converter needs to return the incinerator for completely burning.

3. Exhaust gas treatment: divided into three parts. Firstly, the feed outlet leaks a small amount of water vapor and oil gas when feeding raw materials, and the gases are sent to de-dusting system after recycled by the extraction hood and combustion. Secondly, the gas coming out of the reactor that can’t be recycled under the normal temperature and pressure is sent into reactor and burned by gas burner, which is both energy-saving and environmental protection. Thirdly, the whole production process is fully sealed operation, without any odor.

4. Noise treatment: the pyrolysis equipment selects low-noise fan and the noise is less than 60 decibels. The noise of power part and feeder is no higher than 50 decibels.

Medical waste pyrolysis process flow

Medical waste raw materials – drying equipment (using pyrolysis flue gas heating) – conveyor – pyrolysis plant – oil and gas separation – cooling system – combustible gas circulating combustion.

After-sale service

1. Each set of the equipment provided by Beston Group has 12 months’ warranty. The failure or damage caused by product quality under normal operating conditions is free of charge for maintenance.

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