Crude Oil Atmospheric Distillation and Its Characteristics

Entire Distillation Plant

The so-called atmospheric distillation of crude oil refers to the distillation of crude oil under the condition of constant pressure (or higher than constant pressure). The distillation equipment used is called crude oil atmospheric distillation tower (referred to as atmospheric tower). As the raw material and product of the crude oil atmospheric distillation tower are … Read more

Recycling of Waste Scrap Plastic Bottles for Circular Economy

PET Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant

What is “white pollution”? It refers to environmental pollution caused by the discarded agricultural film, plastic film packaging, plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware (sometimes collectively referred as plastic packaging). More accurate definition of white pollution is that it is a image title of the refractory plastic waste (more refers to plastic bags) pollution phenomenon. … Read more

Differences Between Pyrolysis and Incineration As Well As Advantages

Pyrolysis Technology

Pyrolysis, is also called dry distillation, thermal decomposition or carbonization, which refers to the process of heating the organic matter in the absence of oxygen and making it decomposition. So pyrolysis utilizes thermal instability of the organic matter, in the absence of oxygen condition, and utilizes thermal energy to make the valency of the compound … Read more

Common Garbage Sorting Technologies and Applications

Beston Waste Sorting Plant

Through sorting recovery, the municipal solid waste can be separated into these materials, such as paper, plastic, fabric and other light combustible substance; scrap iron, steel wire, cooper, aluminum and other metal materials; glass, non-metallic materials and other inorganic substance. The sorting technology and its comprehensive comparison and applications are shown as follow: Sorting technology … Read more

Advantages of Rubber Powder Made from Tire for Modified Asphalt

Rubber Powder Made from Tire

The powdered substance obtained by pulverizing scrap waste tires through mechanical method (such as, rubber powder production line) is rubber powder. Compared with reclaimed rubber, manufacturing of rubber powder doesn’t need desulfurization. So the production process consumes less energy and the process is much simpler than reclaimed rubber production. Making rubber powder from waste tire … Read more

Three Common Methods to Recycle Waste Rubber

Rubber Recycling Machine

The increase of tire production means the acceleration of tire replacement and more and more waste tires producing. This is only waste rubber from automobile tires, if adding hose, tape, rubber shoes, and tires from other cars, the number of waste rubber is quite astonishing. If we leave such a number of waste rubber aside, … Read more

How Does the Tire Shredder Machine Separate Steel Wire and Rubber in the Tires?

Tire Shredder Machine

For waste tire recycling into granules, different manufacturers have their different methods. The general manufacturers often use manual type. Cut waste tires into pieces by manual, and then crush the pieces. For the soft rubber like tires, simplex crushing makes the machine consume a lot, and is also a waste of labor and time. The … Read more

Wide Applications of the End Products from Tire Pyrolysis Process

Tire Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is process of molecular breakdown where larger molecules are broken down into small molecules. Pyrolysis plant is an industry designed to carry out pyrolysis of waste plastic & tires. In case of plastic & tires pyrolysis, long chain polymer is broken down into smaller chains of hydrocarbon gas and pyrolysis oil. Heat and catalyst … Read more

Detailed Information on Each Part of Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Pyrolysis Plant Design

1. Reactor The reactor is the main part of the pyrolysis system for waste, where the raw materials like tyre/plastic/rubber are processed. We have designed two types of reactor for our pyrolysis plants. a. 360-degree rotating. The special design makes the bottom of reactor get heated evenly, which can lengthen the service life of reactor as … Read more

Security and Environmental Protection of Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Pyrolysis Plant Design

Technological Process Feed the scrap plastics or tires into the high temperature and normal pressure pyrolysis reactor directly without removing sediment, water, steel wire and other impurities, and then heat the raw materials and catalyst in the reactor. Through the pyrolysis process, we get the oil vapour. The vapour goes through the condenser and is … Read more