Main Components of the Whole Set of Pyrolysis System

Beston pyrolysis system

Generally, the waste pyrolysis plant is often designed with many important components. Today we will give you a simple description on the main components of the whole set of Beston pyrolysis system. 1. Reactor As the most important part, the pyrolysis reactor designed by Beston can deal with plastic, waste tyre and so on; The … Read more

Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant – The Competitive Product in The Market

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Plastic products has been full of market. Nowadays, it has occupied all areas of our life, and it is more convenient for us. However, the waste plastic also has brought large trouble for us. At first, it can be not melt in water; then it also can be not buried in the soil. After a … Read more

Discount on Beston Products – Fight for 300 Million Annual Sales!

Activity: fight for 300 million annual sales! Activity time: 10th November – 31th December On 10th November, Beston Group has attended a competition among 18 trading companies. Our goal is to achieve 3780000USD in 50 days, and realize the annual sales of 300 million. What can we provide for you in this period? 1. The … Read more

Application Research of Sorting Technology in Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant

Nowadays, most countries in the world have taken how to effectively deal with urban waste as an important issue of research, showing that its impact on the environment. In the current process of dealing with urban waste, Beston Group has widely applied the sorting technology, which is a key part in municipal solid waste disposal. … Read more

Bio Charcoal – Miraculous of “Black Gold”

Bio Charcoal

Basic information of bio charcoal Bio charcoal usually refers to the use of agricultural and forestry waste and other biomass, to form a stable pyrolysis of charcoal enrichment product under the condition of hypoxia and a certain temperature. It has a greater porosity, stronger adsorption, antioxidant and anti-biodegradability. The biomass charcoal can be used as … Read more

The Necessity of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project

In the process of urbanization, garbage, as a product of urban metabolism, was the burden of urban development once, and many cities in the world have been surrounded by garbage. But now, garbage is considered to be the city’s “mineral” and “misplaced local resource” which has the most development potential. This is not only the … Read more

Brief Analysis About The Technical Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment

MSW sorting plant

The solid waste management plant invented by Beston Group can truly realize the green production as well as greatly reduce waste pollution. Next, as for the technical characteristics of solid waste sorting machine, we will give a brief introduction. We hope that this news can provide you with more useful information and help you a … Read more

How to Make Carbonized Rice Hull by Newest Carbonization Technology?

rice husk charcoal making machine

1. The current disposal status of rice husk The surface of rice husk is relatively hard, and silicon content is quite high, so the rice husk is not easy to be decomposed by fermentation, which is unlike other crops to be easily fermented into fertilizer. The bulk density of rice husk is small, which occupies … Read more

Disposal Methods & Recycling Machine for Plastic Waste

Recycling Machine for Plastic Waste

How can we efficiently utilize the waste plastic? How can we create the largest value by using used plastics? Beston group will give you the best answer – waste plastic recycling machine. The waste plastic recycling machine for sale produced by China Beston has possessed the most advanced technology and first-rate service. In our days, … Read more

Wood Charcoal Machine is the New Favorite of Forestry and Agriculture

Wood Charcoal Machine

Wood charcoal machine is the new favorite of forestry and agriculture. Focus on two major themes of improving the ecological and people’s livelihood, China Beston Group has developed the newest wood charcoal making machine for sale, based on the support of industrial development, driving force of reform and innovation. Beston wood charcoal machines is a … Read more