Intall BST-10 Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica

Rice Husk Recycling in Costa Rica: BST-10 Carbonization Machine Installed

Currently, a set of BST-10 rice husk carbonization machine is being installed in Costa Rica. This project will promote the biomass waste utilization in the agro-processing industry. Here are some key details about the project.

Intall BST-10 Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica
Intall BST-10 Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica

Project Details of Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica

  • Customer industry: agro-processing industry;
  • Customer requirement: dispose of rice husks produced during rice processing;
  • Solution: turn rice husk into charcoal;
  • Involved machine: BST-10 continuous rice husk carbonization machine;
  • Final product: charcoal;
  • Anticipated use of charcoal: barbecue/fuel.

Installation of BST-10 Rice Husk Carbonization Machine in Costa Rica

Intall BST-10 Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Costa Rica

Installation of BST-10 Underway in Costa Rica

Currently, the installation of the BST-10 carbonization machine is underway in Costa Rica. The engineering team from Beston Group is working collaboratively to ensure a smooth installation process. Once the installation is complete, the engineering team will carry out commissioning and optimization to ensure the equipment operates at its best.

BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Costa Rica to Recycle Rice Husk

Rice Husk Carbonizer Expanding the Agro-processing Industry Value Chain

BST-10 rice husk charcoal making machine not only introduces new technology to Costa Rica but also expands the value chain of its agro-processing industry. Transforming rice husks into high-quality charcoal not only addresses waste management but also provides additional revenue streams for businesses. This biomass utilization solution is expected to become an engine for the sustainable development of agriculture in Costa Rica.

Carbonization Machine Turning Biomass into Charcoal

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