Ship BST-05Pro Rice Straw Charcoal Machine to Indonesia for Pilot Project

Updates on rice straw charcoal production project in Indonesia! Beston Group has shipped a BST-05 Pro mobile biochar machine to Indonesia for a pilot project exploring sustainable soil remediation solutions. This mobile biochar machine is specifically designed for small businesses, leveraging biomass pyrolysis technology to convert rice straw into valuable charcoal. Read on, please!

Ship BST-05 Pro Rice Straw Charcoal Machine to Indonesia
Ship BST-05 Pro Rice Straw Charcoal Machine to Indonesia

Information on Rice Straw Charcoal Production Project in Indonesia

  • Model: BST-05 Pro mobile biochar machine;
  • Main Furnace Material: Standard configuration;
  • Raw Material to Process: Rice straws;
  • Customer Industry: Carbon sink;
  • End Use of Charcoal: Soil remediation;
  • Project Scale and Purpose: Small-scale investment to test project feasibility.

BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to Indonesia

Why Indonesian Customer Invest in Rice Straw-to-Charcoal Recycling?

  • Rich Agricultural Resources: Rice straw is a massive agricultural byproduct in Indonesia. The country is the world’s third-largest rice producer, producing around 100 million tonnes of rice straw annually.
  • Seek more straw treatment solutions: Traditionally, rice straw in Indonesia has had limited uses, such as animal feed or composting for fertilizer. However, these methods have drawbacks such as low nutritional value for feed and slow composting processes. There is a growing interest in exploring more innovative and value-added applications for rice straw.
  • Potential of Biochar Soil Improvement: Charcoal produced from rice straw, known as biochar, offers benefits for soil health. Its porous structure enhances soil fertility by retaining moisture, and nutrients, and improving soil aeration, thus supporting healthier plant growth.

Rice Straw Biochar Benefits to Soil Remediation

Explore Biomass Recycling Solutions with Beston Group

If you are interested in exploring the potential of charcoal production from agricultural residues like rice straw, Beston Group is your partner of choice. We offer advanced charcoal making machine tailored to various scales of operation. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable solutions.

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