Shipment and Installation of BST-J18 Wood to Charcoal Machine to Belarus

In April 2023, a set of BST-J18 wood to charcoal machine was shipped to Belarus and completed installation in August 2023. Here is some information about the wood charcoal production project in Belarus.

BST-J18 Wood Charcoal Machine in Belarus

Information about BST-J18 Wood to Charcoal Machine in Belarus

  • Model: BST-J18 wood to charcoal machine; batch type;
  • Capacity: 18m³/batch;
  • Raw materials: hardwood 40cm long, 6cm to 26cm in diameter, and 55-65% moisture content;
  • Source of raw materials: local supply;
  • Required end product: high-quality wood charcoal for sale;
  • Production cycle: 2 months.

Shipment and Installation Details of BST-J18 Wood to Charcoal Machine to Belarus

After the two-month production cycle, Beston Group immediately arranged logistics for the Belarusian customer to ensure that the charcoal production project was not delayed. Then it took about a month for the equipment to arrive at the Belarusian customer’s factory site. The equipment was installed smoothly under the guidance of our professional engineers. The following pictures show some relevant details.

Shipment Site:

Ship Reactor of BST-J18 Wood Charcoal Machine To Belarus

Ship Casing of BST-J18 Charcoal Machine to Belarus

Shipment of BST-J18 Wood to Charcoal Machine to Belarus

Installation Site:

Install Reactor of BST-J18 Wood Charcoal Machine in Belarus

Installation Site of BST-J18 Wood Charcoal Machine in Belarus

Install Dedusting Tower of BST-J18 Wood Charcoal Machine in Belarus

Why The Belarus Customer Choose Beston Group?

  • Mature technology for charcoal production: The Belarusian customer’s fundamental need is to produce and sell high-quality charcoal. Our mature pyrolysis technology for charcoal production and charcoal making machine can achieve that. This is the most important reason why the customer chooses us.
  • Customized product solution: Two additional sets of gas burners and a year’s wearing parts are provided to the Belarusian customer according to their specific needs. We also offer customized color and logo for them.
  • Timely problem-solving attitude: The Belarusian customer needs some documents for bidding. We attach importance to our customer’s needs and prepare and translate relevant documents, business licenses, etc. for our customers.

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