Shipment of BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Japan is Ongoing

A Japanese customer orders a set of small mobile pyrolysis plant, BLJ-3, to produce pyrolysis oil by processing waste tyres. The BLJ-3 small mobile pyrolysis unit features low investment, outstanding portability, and suitability for small-scale businesses. It can minimize the risk of losses in case of project failure to the greatest extent. Therefore, the Japanese customer chooses this model, planning to use it to conduct a project feasibility test. If the feedback is good, he plans to buy the larger model of pyrolysis plant in the future. At present, the BLJ-3 tyre pyrolysis plant has been shipped to Japan.

Shipment of BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Japan
Shipment of BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Japan

Project Information of BLJ-3  Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Japan

The BLJ-3 tyre pyrolysis plant purchased by the Japanese customer has a daily capacity of 1-1.5 tons. This customer plans to produce tyre pyrolysis oil for personal use and sales. On the basis of standard configuration, the  Japanese customer has additionally ordered a catalytic system for processing waste plastic. After the equipment arrives in Japan, our engineers will be on-site to assist with the installation work.

BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Japan

Install Small Pyrolysis Plant in Japan

Solution for Japanese Customer’s Need

Japanese customer’s need

For this Japanese customer, launching a tyre pyrolysis project represents a new endeavor. To minimize project risks, he wishes to obtain comprehensive information about tyre pyrolysis equipment from Beston. This includes details about different models of Beston pyrolysis equipment, the cost of self-supplied machine components, and the requirements of necessary labor for installation.

Our solution

In line with the Japanese customer’s requirements, we have prepared a list of self-supplied machines along with an estimated cost. Moreover, we have roughly enumerated the types of labor required during the installation process, along with their respective quantities.

BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Plant in Japan to Process Tyres

Praise from Japanese customer for Beston’s Excellent Service

The Japanese customer has highly praised Beston’s well-structured management system. He believes that this can enhance corporate efficiency, thereby delivering excellent service to customers. Throughout the project execution, our sales, finance, and technical departments have worked closely together to collectively address various issues raised by the Japanese customer. This further reinforces the trust of the Japanese customer for us.

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