Shipment Success: BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay

In July 2023, a set of BLJ-3 tyre pyrolysis plant was shipped to Paraguay and is expected to reach the customer’s factory by mid-August. This plant will produce pyrolysis oil, generating profits for the customer. Now please read to get more project details.

BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Paraguay
BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Paraguay

Why Paraguayan Customer Choose Us

This Paraguayan customer once paricipanted in the installation of an previous pyrolysis project of Beston in Paraguay. He is impressed by our excellent pyrolysis plant and our expertise. After that, with a deep understanding of pyrolysis project, our Paraguayan customer has recognized the potential for profit in selling the pyrolysis oil. Therefore, he finally decides to partner with Beston to start a pyrolysis project.

Some Information of BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Paraguay

  • Model: BLJ-3 skid-mounted tyre pyrolysis plant;
  • Configuration: standard configuration;
  • Raw materials: waste tyres;
  • Source of raw materials: outsourcing;
  • End product: pyrolysis oil;
  • Product use: for sale;
  • Additional product requirement: purchase of one year’s worth of spare parts.

Shipment of BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Paraguay

BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay

Challenge Faced and Solution

Project challenge

The primary challenge the Paraguayan customer faces is related to payment procedures. Due to new regulations in Paraguay, all payments for imported machinery must be preceded by an application to the Environmental Department. Subsequently, the department’s documentation must be submitted to customs for record-keeping before the bank can proceed with the payment.

Beston solution

In response, we collaborate closely, offering guidance and support throughout this process. Our assistance included offering relevant technical documents and payment records. We have tried our best to help our Paraguayan customer to obtain project approval.

BLJ-3 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Paraguay

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