Successful Installation Of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine In Turkey

Congratulations! BST-50 charcoal making machine was installed successfully in Turkey. It is the largest capacity and continuous charcoal machine. Welcome all of you to see the installation site here:

Installation Of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine In Turkey
Installation Of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine In Turkey

How To Complete the Installation Of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine In Turkey?

Beston Group supplies online and on-site installation services for all customers. The Turkish customer chooses the online installation service for his project. Beston Group provides the installation layout drawings and installation precautions for the customer in advance. At the same time, we have many times of videos to communicate installation items. Beston Group engineers are always online to provide help for him. And, the engineers also point out the problems in the installation process. Now, the whole installation and commissioning work are done in Turkey. The success is from the joint efforts of the customer and the Beston Group team.

Installation Site In Turkey
Side Of BST-50 In Turkey

Introduction Of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine In Turkey

  • Components: BST-50 biochar machine + drying;
  • Input capacity: 4.5-5t/h;
  • Working method: Fully continuous;
  • Raw materials: Kinds of shells. The raw material is mainly olive shells;
  • End product: biochar.

The customer wants to make biochar for deep processing or direct selling. He would make high profits through selling biochar in Turkey.

In The End

The customer is satisfied with the BST-50 olive shell charcoal making machine in Turkey. And, he thinks that Beston Group is a reliable and professional biochar machine manufacturer and supplier. He is glad to cooperate with Beston Group. And, he said:” Rest assured to buy from Beston Group. The product and installation are excellent. Beston Group gives me help many times. Thanks again.” After seeing this, if you have the same charcoal making demand, please contact Beston Group directly!

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