Bangladesh Customer Visited Pyrolysis Plant Of Beston

In 10th,September, Bangladesh customer and his father visited Beston. They wanted to invest pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh. They visited our factory and checked all parts of the pyrolysis plant. In order to deepen their understanding for the pyrolysis plant, we showed them the testing of demo pyrolysis machine. Then, they expressed their strong willingness to begin the waste recycling project soon.

Bangladesh Customers See Pyrolysis Reator
Bangladesh Customers See Pyrolysis Reactor

Pyrolysis Plant in Bangladesh Is Urgently Needed

1. Current Situation of Waste In Bangladesh: according to statistics, waste in Bangladesh is about 22.4 million tonnes per year in 2012. Due to large population, the amount of municipal waste has been increasing quickly in recent years. The increasing waste will be illegally disposed of and this will cause serious environment pollution and heath hazards to the local population. Pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh will turn waste plastic, waste tires, sludge oil into useful fuel oil and carbon. Therefore, pyrolysis plant is necessary for Bangladesh waste recycling project.

Bangladesh Customers Visited Factory
Bangladesh Customers Visited Factory
Bangladesh Customers Discuss Details
Bangladesh Customers Discuss Details
Bangladesh Customers Visited Factory
Bangladesh Customers Visited Factory

2. Government Encouragement: According to the Bangladesh customers and some reports from Bangladesh, we know that Bangladesh government encourages them to do the waste recycling project now. Government has introduced policies to tackle the municipal waste accumulation problem with local social business enterprise and city corporations. If you do the pyrolysis business in Bangladesh, you will get the support from government.

3. Health of Local Population: Stacking municipal will contaminate the ground water. People will get inflection from daily drinking waster. Especially for the children, they have weak immunity. To improve the living standards is urgent in the Bangladesh.

Beston can supply BLJ-06, BLJ-10, BLL-16, BLL-30 pyrolysis plants for you. Meanwhile, you can get municipal solid waste sorting equipment and carbonizer machine from us.

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