Oil Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Plant

Oil Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Plant

Oil sludge is a kind of used oil which results from solidification or gelling of oil resources. It is constituted of elements like solids, oil and water. In its gel or solid form, oil sludge generates lots of toxic components that have severe effects on the environment. The greatest thing with oil sludge is that it is made up of crude oil which can be easily refined and processed into useful oil components. If you want to start an oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant to dispose oil sludge and make money, China Beston is the best choice for you. We offer the high-quality and most reliable oil sludge treatment plant which includes various features and benefits.

Oil sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Oil sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Plant in Nigeria

How The Oil Sludge Treatment Plant Really Works?

The oil sludge pyrolysis equipment is equipped with the latest sludge pyrolysis technology, which takes advantage of high temperature heating and special catalyst. It’s capable of converting oil-mud and oil sludge into useful fuel oil and other final products, such as solids, water. The fuel oil can be used as industrial fuel materials for burning, or further refined to diesel or gasoline by Beston oil distillation plant. It helps relieving energy crisis. Generally, through the pyrolysis treatment process, we can get 12.5% fuel oil, 72.5 solids and 15% water.

Features Of Beston Sewage Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis System

Beston oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant includes several high-quality and purpose-ordained features. The features have been tested and proven to be the ultimate choice for such a pyrolysis plant for that you are sure to enjoy maximum productivity and efficiency when using it. The key features of the Beston oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant include:

1. High-caliber and professionally engineered safety components like a pressure gauge and an automatic warning device.

2. A robotically-operated feeding system that helps reducing extra manual operations and enhancing the plant’s productivity.

3. Effective exhaust gas and waste water processing and releasing systems. This ensures all the used gas and water waste are emitted in the desirable state so that it won’t harm the atmosphere.

4. The pyrolysis oil plant comes with an effective direct condensation machine. This ensures that the oil can be easily cooled to liquid state when it’s necessary.

Types of Beston Oil Sludge Treatment Plant for Sale:

Batch Pyrolysis Plant
Batch Pyrolysis Plant
Semi-contunuous Pyrolysis Plant
Semi-contunuous Pyrolysis Plant
Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Security Designs Of The Oil Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Plant From Beston

Bilayer explosion-proof valve

Locating in pyrolysis reactor maintenance/inlet door, equipped with double-layer of aluminum sheets.

Waterseal-single loop fire damper

Designed as center part of combustible gas recycling system, 900x1500mm, with water injection inlet and glass vision goggle for liquor level, liquor discharge outlet with ball valve.

Emergency pressure releasing tube on the top, is one of security guarantees.

Water level fire damping tech 100% guarantee oil gas/combustible gas cycle line from waterseal tank to thermal pyrolysis reactor.

Physical combustible gas filtering and cleaning, make sure the assist gas burners running efficient and safely.

oil sludge treatment
Oil Sludge Treatment with Advanced Security Designs

Combustible gas burners

Combustible gas from condensing system (recycled from oil storage tank) gets into water seal firstly, to be washed and leaded into spray burners by single way design. Combined with oxygen-rich air from blowers, combustible gas got fully burned, offering assistance heat instead of original fuel used at production start.

Basic Parameter

Daily Capacity2-3T5-6T8T-10T13-16T20-30T
Working MethodBatchSemi-ContinuousFully Continuous
Raw MaterialsWaste Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge
Reactor SizeD1.4m*L5mD2.2m*L6.0mD2.6m*L6.6mD2.8m*L7.1mD1.8m*L18.5m
PatternHorizontal & Rotary
Heating MaterialsFuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Total Power16.65kw/h37.85kw/h44.3kw/h44.6kw/h256kw/h
Installation Area Requst (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m30m*12m*8m33m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m70m*20m*10m
Operating PressureSlight Positive PressureSlight Negative Pressure
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
Life span5-8 Years

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