oil sludge pyrolysis plant

Beston Oily Sludge Pyrolysis Plant with Lowest Investment Can Create the Highest Profits

On the one hand, oil sludge is equal to the waste which is mainly made up of waste oil, water and solid. And it also causes the serious pollution to soil and water if not handled by right methods. On the other hand, oil sludge is a kind of recycling material, which contains plenty of crude oil resource, so we can extract fuel oil from oil sludge through an advanced equipment called oil tank sludge treatment plant.

crude oil sludge
Crude oil sludge pyrolusis

The event that the Gulf of of Mexico oil spill had shocked the world at that time, which had cause serious ecological disaster, and the incalculable of biology had encountered the crowning calamity. The leaked oil mixed with soil and water has formed oil sludge, which had made a great damage to the surrounding environment. So how to dispose the oil sludge with proper methods has become an urgent problem. Beston has one perfect solution for your reference.

The oil sludge recycling plant is a representative production of Beston Machinery company. The equipment can successfully separate the oil from the sludge through high temperature heating and special catalyst. Then condense the oil gas to get fuel oil, and we need not to dispose the tail gas in the pyrolysis process, which will be recycled to heat for the reactor again. Besides the fuel oil, we can also get the another two end products: solid and water. Both of them are pollution-free and have high use values. The solid material can be made into brick, and the water can be used for cooling the reactor to save more resources.

Only having high economic benefits, can we keep a long-term development of oil sludge treatment pyrolysis. The crude oil sludge treatment plant has low investment because the raw material is quite common and cheap, which has left a large profit margin for customers. On the other hand, the fuel oil generated from the pyrolysis plants fetches good price in the market, which will bring you great profits and improve the environment at the same time. Moreover, the plant has multiple uses, and it is also suitable for processing many other waste materials, such as waste plastic, tires, rubber, medical waste and so on. It has been proved to be the most economic and beneficial method to recycle oily sludge.

oil sludge pyrolysis plant
Oil sludge pyrolysis plant sold to Nigeria

Owing high-quality products, advanced and mature technology and first-class service, our oil sludge pyrolysis plants have been successfully exported to Nigeria twice, which has fully improved the local improvement and create great profits for our customers. Contact us for detailed pyrolysis plant business plan report now, and we are looking forward to cooperating with you wherever you are from.