Grinding Machine

BMF Series High-pressure Ultra-fine Grinding Machine

BMF series high-pressure ultra-fine powder grinder machine is widely used in non-metallic mineral industry. It has various advantages and characteristics such as stable performance, a wide range of applications, simple structure, easy operation, high capacity, energy-saving, environmental protection and so on. It is a kind of high-tech product, which can be used to grind barite, limestone, kaolin, ceramics and slag. The hardness is less than 9.3. It is good non-combustible and explosion-proof material.

Grinding Machine
Grinding Machine

Introduction of the grinding equipment

1. It adopts double and multi-channel design.

It mainly has dryer, carbonization machine and other auxiliary equipment. We can equip the machine with a chassis according to customers’ need (customer-made part).

2. The double-layer design allows the lower part of the machine to contact hot air as much as possible, which contributes to improving heat utilization.

The bottom layer utilizes the the residual material carbonized gas to vaporize the heat. This is the second stage to increase the heat utilization. The optimization of hot exhaust, hot air recycling pipes, fission heat collection tubes, flash steam collection tubes and combustion exhaust collection tubes can improve heat utilization for the third time. After optimized use of heat for three times, the heat utilization of our equipment can achieve higher than 85%.

3. The top of the machine adopts central screening dual drive and continuous variable structure.

The structure can be forced to change the materials into a flash-drying chamber of fine powder, so the material can be fully exposed to hot air. The controllable speed allows us to control the contact time between the material and hot air.

4. Hot air supply.