Continuous Oil Distillation Recycling Plant

Characteristics of Continuous Oil Distillation Recycling Plant

Beston waste oil distillation equipment has daily capacities of 6t, 10t, 25t, 50t, 100t under normal operating pressure and vacuum pressure. The newest hot air heating system can lengthen the service life of the reactor for another 1-2 years. The oil gas from the fully sealed distillation reactor and distillation tower has been purified and then entered the condenser for liquefaction into light fuel oil. Such oil will be transported into deep cleanup systems along with acid and alkaline cleaning equipment as well as pressure filtration system. Finally we get qualified diesel, which can be used for engines and generators.

Continuous Oil Distillation Recycling Plant
Continuous Oil Distillation Recycling Plant

Final products and applications:

Diesel (85%-90%): used for tractors, trucks, ships, diesel generating sets, etc.

Slag (5%): used as fuel for heating the reactor.

Gas (5%): used to heat the reactor or liquefied for storage.

The waste oil to diesel plant adopts the principle of dry distillation and scientific closed production process, which can turn waste into treasure to the maximum extent and does not produce secondary pollution. Put the raw material oil into distillation reactor and seal strictly. You can safely and smoothly get oil in accordance with the operation procedures. During the whole production process, the resulting exhaust gas will be sent into furnace for combustion after purification treatment. The combustible gas that can’t be condensed under room temperature will not be discharged into the atmosphere, while the dust in the combustion chamber will be treated by more advanced dust removal device. The device is equipped with excellent configuration, which can achieve greater thermal efficiency with less combustion value.

waste oil to diesel plant
Waste oil to diesel plant

Characteristics of the oil refining plant:

1. Continuous feeding and sealed discharging fully embodies the environmental protection.

2. Micro-negative operation pressure improves the safety of equipment operation.

3. High efficiency and energy saving. The fuel consumption ratio drops significantly. The standard coal consumption of the general batch plant needs 80-100kg, while that of continuous plant only needs about 30kg.

4. It saves production time and reduces the invalid time period of frequent heating, cooling, slag, re-loading of the batch plant, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

5. The oil distillation machine adopts simple and effective seal structure with combination of static and dynamic, to solve the problem of easy to leak.

6. The equipment operation uses mechanical processing, which greatly improves the running accuracy and reduces the maintenance cost and probability.

7. It achieves one side feeding and the other side discharging at the same time. The fire doesn’t stop and it needs fewer operators.

8. Reasonable and affordable price, cost-effective, fast return on investment. It is the ideal pyrolysis oil to diesel equipment of upgrading and transformation for old customers, as well as the preferred product for the new customers.