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Charcoal Making Machine

What is charcoal making machine?

Charcoal making machine refers to turning biomass waste materials into charcoal powder through a series of carbonization process, so it can be also called biomass carbonization plant or biochar production equipment. The charcoal maker machine adopts famous carbonization technology, which can reduce 95% combustible waste. So it can not only protect the environment and reduce the energy consumption, but also can create great profits.

Charcoal Making Machine
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Simple description of charcoal carbonization process:


According to the carbonization requirement, the moisture of raw materials can not be more than 20% and the size can not be larger than 50mm. If the raw materials can not meet the carbonization requirement, we need to equip a dryer and crusher with the charcoal machine for sale, to improve the working efficiency.

High temperature carbonization

After processed by the pretreatment devices, the raw materials will be conveyed to charcoal carbonization furnace; at the beginning, we always use traditional fuels (such as coal, wood, natural gas) to heat the furnace for 30 minutes; when the temperature reaches 100℃. the biomass will be gradually converted into charcoal and combustible gas; the charcoal will be collected by cooling system, and the combustible gas will be further processed.

Charcoal carbonization process
Charcoal carbonization process flow chart

Smoke discharge and sulfur emission

The combustible gas generated in the process of carbonization contains sulfur components, so the charcoal making equipment has been equipped with spray dedusting system to remove the harmful contents; then the clean combustible gas will be condensed to tar and wood vinegar respectively by condenser system; as its high burning value, the combustible gas is recycled as fuel for heating the furnace and dryer replacing traditional fuels, which can save fuel cost greatly; in addition, the charcoal carbonization stove has adopted double-layer and horizontal design, which can make sure the hot source contact with raw materials as much as possible and improve the working efficiency.

Charcoal enrichment

The biomass charcoal generated by the charcoal production equipment will be cooled by cooling system, and the charcoal’s temperature will be reduced to 30℃. Then the charcoal will be collected directly and safely.

Beston charcoal making machine video:

Final products generated from the charcoal making equipment


1. The charcoal produced by Beston charcoal manufacturing machine has high caloric value, so it can be used as fuel in industrial melting, which can save much non-renewable energy to realize sustainable development; in addition, the charcoal can be also used in our living life for cooking, warming, etc. With little pollution, it is a new-type heating source.

2. Charcoal contains rich micro-element, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and manganese, so it is always used as fertilizer to improve the quality of soil and increase the yield of crops. Besides, it is also a better additive to produce activated carbon.

charcoal making equipment
Charcoal produced by Beston charcoal making equipment


Tar contains over 300 kinds of chemical elements, so it is an important chemical material. It can be used to make waterproof materials, and it is also the best materials to make ships or oil paint. Moreover, tar also has wide applications in medicine area.

Wood vinegar:

Wood vinegar can be used to produce food preservative, and it also has the influence of medicinal sterilization and anti-inflammatory or the treatment of skin disease.

Features of Beston charcoal maker machine for sale

1. High thermal efficiency and low operating cost

The charcoal manufacturing equipment has adopted the operation method of combining dyer and carbonization furnace for charcoal (using the gas generated in the carbonization furnace to heat the dryer), to make the utilization rate reach more than 90%. The entire system has adopted a strict insulation system and continuous operation pattern, to make the heat loss to a minimum, which can reduce the operating cost indirectly.

charcoal maker machine
Beston charcoal maker machine for Ukraine customers

2. High calorific value of gas

The calorific value of gas is three times of the ordinary straw gas, which can not only improve the working efficiency, but also save much cost for investors.

3. Circular economy and pollution-free

The charcoal production plant is the intermediate part for biomass energy sustainable utilization and development system. The cooling system uses indirect cooling, with generating any pollutant emissions.

4. High market profits

The current prices of biomass charcoal, tar and wood vinegar are high in the market, so the machine has a variety of incomes.

5. Rich and inexpensive raw materials

The charcoal making machine for sale can dispose various kinds of materials, such as rice husk, sawdust, wood chips, palm shell, coconut shell, straw, sunflower hull, sugarcane bagasse, coffee grounds, edible fungus waste, sewage sludge, etc. These raw materials are all common and cheap in our daily life, which directly depends the low charcoal making machine cost. Beston Machinery has developed a series of charcoal making machines for sale, including rice husk charcoal making machine, coconut shell charcoal making machine, wood charcoal making machine and so on.

charcoal machine for sale
Tunisian customers were visiting charcoal machine for sale

6. Continuous working pattern

The carbonization furnace for charcoal adopts automatic assembly line, which can realize one side feeding of raw materials and the other side discharging of charcoal powder. In this way, it can make full use of fuel resources and greatly improve the working efficiency.

Beston provides you with reasonable charcoal making machine price

Beston group has manufactured charcoal making plant for many years, and we have possessed the most professional team and advanced technology. Besides, our products are both environmental protection and economy. We always put the product quality at the first place all the time, and charcoal making machine price is quite reasonable compared with other machines. Owing high-quality products and excellent service, we have won a good reputation in the community. More and more customers are coming to visit Beston and purchase the charcoal maker machines!

charcoal powder making machine
South Africa customers were checking the end products from Beston charcoal powder making machine

Main components of charcoal making machine for sale

As a professional charcoal making machine manufacturer in China, Beston has developed the charcoal manufacturing plant with the advanced design of double layer and multiple-channel. It mainly consists of drier, carbonizing machine and other auxiliary equipment. Among these parts, there are also many supporting devices such as driving, rack, drying, flash steaming, carbonizing, feeding, discharging, cooling, exhaust gas recycling, wet dust catcher, gasification furnace and related pipes. We can equip the machine with chasis if customer needs it.

De-dusting System
De-dusting System
Spray Tower
Spray Tower
Discharging system
Discharging system
Condenser system
Condenser system

Casing: there is a reliable casing equipped outside the charcoal furnace, which can not only protect the temperature in the furnace, but also prevent workers from contacting with the machine directly.

De-dusting system: the dust removal system consists of cyclone dust collector and spray dust collector; the flue gas generated by the carbonization furnace can be completely purified, in line with EU emission standards.

Cooling system: it is dangerous to discharge the charcoal directly, so we have installed the cooling system to cool down the charcoal firstly, and then discharge the charcoal safely. The multi-channel water discharging can be better and faster to reduce the temperature, but also avoid charcoal spontaneous combustion.

PLC controlling system: it ensures the people and machine can be separated, so it is intelligent, safe and efficient.

Sealing device: to ensure the clean workshop and safe production.

Some notes on charcoal powder making machine

1. The moisture of raw materials can not be more than 15%, or the machine needs to be equipped with a dryer;

2. The size of raw materials can not be larger than 50mm, or a crusher is needed;


3. The carbonization temperature is between 400℃ and 600℃; the higher the temperature is, the quicker the carbonization speed is, the large the production is, and the lower the production cost is;

4. Generally, after 15-20 minutes’ carbonization, the charcoal will be generated;

5. Heating materials: coal, wood, natural gas…;

6. Fuel consumption: firstly the traditional fuel materials, and then use the flue gas generated in the furnace;

7. Working style: continuous, one side feeding and the other side discharging;

8. Carbonization rate: 3:1 or 4:1; it is different according to the raw materials, temperature and many other factors.

Most professional charcoal making machine manufacturer & supplier – Beston Group

Having been in waste recycling field for 18+ years, Beston Machinery has rich experience in researching, producing, selling, exporting the charcoal production machine. All of our machines have been certified by CE, ISO, SGS and many other related certifications. Moreover, we are planning to establish oversea warehouses to expand our business and better serve our customers. So if you want to invest in a charcoal making machine, Beston is the best choice for you.

Certifications of Beston charcoal maker plant:


Beston Pre-sale service:

* Rapid response to any inquiry.

* Technical data provided, competitive price.

* Visiting factory and trial for customer.

* Suggestion with reasonable shipping freight.

Beston After-sale service:

* Follow manufacturing department with high quality.

* Professional inspection department to guarantee quality.

* Help finishing certificate and profit report.

* Fast delivery,help keeping track on goods till buyer receive the goods.

* Engineers will go to clients’site for the installation, test-running and free training.

charcoal production machine
Beston charcoal production machine on working

Application prospect analysis of charcoal production machinery

Market demand analysis

The development of renewable energy is the practical need to ensure the energy security and support the sustainable development of economy and society; it is an urgent need to protect the atmospheric environment. In order to improve the production and living conditions of farmers, improve the quality of farmers’ life, increase farmers’ income and protect the ecological environment, the governments in many countries have set up subsidies for renewable energy projects, which has played a positive role in the construction of biomass energy projects. The research, development and applications of the carbonization technology has promoted the clean and efficient utilization of biomass energy, alleviated the social and ecological contradictions brought about by the primary energy demand, and changed the structure and way of energy consumption in rural areas. The biomass charcoal maker machine can increase farmers’ income, improve the quality farmers’ life, speed up the process of rural modernization.

Market profit analysis

The carbonization project solves the problem of low calorific value, low energy consumption, large capacity and running loss of ordinary carbonization machine. It also solves the problem that it can not run continuously, has low thermal efficiency and complicated process. It is an important way to improve the ecological environment and turn waste into treasure. The carbonization of biomass overcomes the shortcomings of the previous technology, and has been developed with many advantages such as high thermal efficiency, low operating costs, high calorific value of gas, recycling economy, pollution-free, high market profits, rich and cheap raw materials, etc., and has good economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits. So the application prospects are very bright and broad.

charcoal manufacturing equipment
Charcoal manufacturing equipment
carbonization furnace for charcoal
Carbonization furnace for charcoal
charcoal production plant
Charcoal production plant

The maintenance and repair of charcoal manufacturing plant for sale

The maintenance and repair of charcoal manufacturing equipment is designed to repair and replace the damaged and wearing parts, through which can recover the work force of carbonation machines and make sure the safe operation of charcoal making machines. This step mainly includes the daily maintenance and regular repair. The regular repair is mainly to check the situation of fasteners solid and sensor wire line. We should do this work once a week at lest. Especially the wearing situation of ring gear, we should make a good preparation for the spare parts of ring gear at any time. About the daily maintenance of air duct, because the air duct also stays in the condition of large moisture, we regularly check its insulation, sealing. We should also regularly check its moisture retention to ensure unblock and clean the rust, dust, and even to replace the same size pipe in the necessary time.

In order to meet various customers’ requirement, we have developed five models of charcoal making machine for sale for choice, with different capacities. Furthermore, we also have special and customized carbonizer design. We can increase and decrease devices according to your specific requirement. If you are interested in our machine, please contact Google+ Beston (Henan) Machinery now!

Model BST-03 BST-05 BST-12 BST-20 BST-30
Raw material Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk and other biomass materials, waste sludge
Structure Horizontal
Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1200 2000 3000
Rotary speed of furnace 3-9 turn/ min
Power (Kw/h) 11 15 18.5 30 55
Host size (Width*Height* Length) 1000*1700*800mm 1300*1900*8500mm 1600*2200*8500mm 2200*2800*8500mm 3000*3300*8500mm

Charcoal Making Machines for Different Materials

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