Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

Introduction, Usage, and Characteristics of Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

BMF series airflow vortex micro-powder grinder machine is a kind of advanced equipment in the 1990s. It is developed referring to many advanced micro-powder technologies. Compared with other grinding equipment, the machine manufactured by Beston has the leading performance index, which is suitable for processing various materials. It is also suitable for heat-sensitive and fibrous materials. The size of the final product is uniform, and can be crushed into micron and sub-micron particle size. The carbon black grinding machine is an ideal energy-saving micro-powder production equipment with excellent performance and efficiency.

Carbon Black Grinding Equipment
Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

The fine powder grinding machine is suitable for the crushing of materials with low to medium hardness in chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, paint, pesticide, metallurgy, food, tobacco, plastic, plant fiber and recycled rubber and so on.

The characteristics of the device are as follows:

1. The machine is a kind of vertical axis reflection type crusher. It is equipped with grading device in the crushing chamber. The crushed materials is collected by the air flow and then by grading device. The grading device can replace the general grinder screen and can simultaneously complete two processes, micro-pulverization and micro-powder sorting with high crushing efficiency.

2. The machine is equipped with air flow control value and grading impeller stepless governor, which can adjust the size of the product without shutting down. The powder can be recycled thoroughly and doesn’t pollute the environment.

3. The machine has the function of cooling, which is especially suitable for processing heat-sensitive and fibrous materials. The size of the product is uniform.

4. Convenient maintenance, operation and cleaning; large production capacity.

5. The carbon black processing machine adopts the new-type narrow V-belt drive, with the characteristics of large transmission power, smooth operation, high efficiency, etc.

carbon black processing plant
Carbon Black Processing Plant

Main applications and production technology of carbon black

1. The carbon black from tyre pyrolysis is characterized as a composite structure N220, N330, N660 carbon black. It has high-quality high reinforcement performance as well as a wide range of general-purpose properties, which can be used as a kind of reinforcing agent for all the rubber products. Applications: sidewall rubber of large tires, apex, threading rubber, steel wire rubber, etc; tread rubber of small tires, hose, conveyor belt, rubber sheet, seals, plastic color masterbatch and so on.

2. High temperature catalytic pyrolysis of tires; discharging carbon black; washing treatment; secondary drying cracking; collision and integration; activated reduction; pulse dust removal; kneading granulation; finished carbon black testing; packing; inspection; weighing; storage.

Package of Carbon Black
Package of Carbon Black

3. The carbon black processing plant is a kind of advanced equipment. There is no exhaust water or gas generating in the production process. It is a investment project approved by the environmental protection sector.

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