Shisha Charcoal Machine For Sale

Shisha Charcoal Machine

Shisha charcoal machine is a kind of machine that is used to make shisha charcoal. Due to the popular hookah smoking in most of countries around the world, making shisha charcoal has bright prospect and high profit. Beston Machinery can supply high performance charcoal machine for you, such as BST-05, BST-10, BST-20, BST-30.

Shisha Charcoal Machine For Sale
Shisha Charcoal Machine For Sale
Item Details
Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30
Hourly Feeding  Capacity 500kg 0.8-1 Tons 1.5-2Tons 2.5-3Tons
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials 1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, Coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo,etc.2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge,etc

3. MSW

Reactor Size Φ800 Φ1000 Φ1300 Φ1700
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power 40 kw/h 55kw/h 60kw/h 72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30m*15m*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Recycling Water Cooling
 Life span 5-8 Years

Raw Materials For Making Shisha Charcoal:

  • Coconut shell;
  • Bamboo;
  • Fruit trees: olive wood, citrus(lemon, orange) wood

At present, there are the three kinds of raw materials for making shisha charcoal. You can choose the raw material in terms of your local market.

Reasons of Choosing Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machine

1.Rich Export Experience
Currently, Beston charcoal making machine has been exported to Turkey, Ukraine, Ghana, Spain, Australia and Malaysia, and so on. Beston Machinery has mature and professional manufacture team and installation team. We promise: high quality, fair price, short delivery time, perfect installation service, lifetime service after sale. Therefore, you can rest assured to purchase the machine from Beston.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine Installed In Ukraine
Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine Installed In Ukraine
Charcoal Plant To Russia
Charcoal Plant To Russia

2.High Quality Shisha Charcoal Produced By Shisha Charcoal Machine
The shisha charcoal made by Beston machine has the characteristics of quick ignition, long burning time, light smoke, tasteless, non-toxic, high hardness, high density, etc. Now, more comfortable smoking experience is the pursuit of consumers. So, you need to produce high quality shisha charcoal if you prepare to do the business. Poor shisha has bad impact on the flavor of shisha smoking. Beston Machinery will be your wise choice.

3.Energy Saving Design
Beston Machinery design the “One Fire Two Steps” to make biogas be recycled as fuel to heat furnace. As a result, it will reduce lots of fuel energy usage in the shisha charcoal manufacturing process. You will benefits a lot from using Beston shisha charcoal briquette machine.

4.Eco-friendly Design
To satisfy customers’ high standard smoke emission demand, we have designed activated carbon adsorption, water spray, ocean ball adsorption for de-dusting. Choose them according to the environmental standard of your country.

In a word, hookah charcoal making machine of Beston Machinery is the primary choice for you. We just list some of the advantages of our machine here. If you want to know more about our machine, welcome to visit our factory!

Shisha Charcoal Making Machine With High Quality
Shisha Charcoal Making Machine With High Quality

Shisha charcoal machine certainly will bring you great benefits. Also, you should choose a reliable manufacturer if you do invest the business. Beston Machinery really is amongst the top companies in the world when it comes to environment-friendly product. Contact us right now, please!

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