Tyre pyrolysis oil plant

Tyre pyrolysis plant is the most ideal method to reduce waste pollution and turn waste into wealth

Since the 1970s, some industrialized countries has been engaged in researching taking advantage of waste tyres. For example, the Japanese and Americans used waste tyre as fuel materials for power generation and manufacture of cement. But since the 1990s, UK, USA and many other countries have paid attention to tyre pyrolysis. These countries adopted 1000℃ high temperature pyrolysis, which has the disadvantages of high energy consumption, poor cleavage of carbon black quality, low yield.

Tyre pyrolysis oil plant
Tyre pyrolysis oil plant

The waste tyre pyrolysis plant manufactured by Beston has already solved these problems and the plant is the advanced universal device to dispose waste tyres both at home and abroad. The plant takes advantage of pyrolysis technology and adopts scientific closed production process, which can turn waste into wealth to the maximize and has no secondary pollution.

Working process of tyre pyrolysis:

Step -1

Put tyre materials into the reactor by mechanical feeding machine or manual, then it is delivered into the store bin with the help of conveyor belt. Then, close the feeding door and open heating system of the machine.

Step – 2

In this step, two stages are there in the process. The primary stage: the heat energy needs to start with 100 degree Celsius and ending with 250 degree Celsius. In 100 degree Celsius, the oil gas will release and in 120 degree Celsius the liquid oil will release. The secondary stage: the heat energy needs to change from 250 degree Celsius towards 280 degree Celsius; it is the peak output rate. The oil gas will be collected into the manifold, and the oil as well as the weighty particles are accumulate and dissolved in the center of the manifold and drop into the deep oil container (oil tank). And the lighter oil gas will certainly go up to multifunctional oil condensers to liquefy into oil and keep in the tank.

Step – 3

Cool down the pyrolysis machine after the completion of Step-1 and Step-2. Once the heat reaches about 40 degree Celsius, the carbon black will be discharged automatically.

Having been in this field since 1998, we have exported our products to many countries, such as Jordan, Nigeria, Brazil, Dominica, Turkey, etc.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Exported Cases
Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Exported Cases