Waste to Energy Power Plant Installation Successfully

Waste to Energy Power Plant

Waste to energy power plant is used to convert waste into electricity. With the development of economy and the industrial revolution, waste disposal has been becoming a major environmental issue around the world. At present, we can turn MSW to energy to reduce the harmful effect of waste materials. So, most of countries begin to pay attention to and invest the Wte project. Beston Machinery, a professional manufacturer, provides waste to electricity projects, waste to energy technology and first class Wte plant for you. Hope to have deeper cooperation with you to achieve win-win.

Models of Cooperation:
BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)
BOO (Build-Own-Operate)
EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction)
PPP (Public-Private Partnership)
TOT (Transfer-Operate-Transfer)

There are five models of cooperation for you to choose. You can select the most appropriate one for yourself according to your investment fund and actual condition. If you want to do electricity from waste business, contact us now! Beston Machinery will give you the one-stop service.

Successful Cases of Waste to Power Plant

Waste to Energy Power Plant Installation Successfully
Waste to Energy Power Plant Installation Successfully

We have successful operation cases of garbage to electricity power plants. If you have a decision, tell us your demand. Then, Beston Machinery professional engineer team will supply perfect operation project for you right away. Get the cost of waste to energy plants here.

Advantages of Waste to Energy Projects

Reduction: large amounts of waste can be turned into electricity per day with waste to energy machine. Waste volume after incineration can reduce more than 90% and waste weight can reduce more than 80%. Now, human activity is producing more and more waste. We can see the garbage at the ocean, at street and anywhere around our life. As a result, we need the landfill waste to energy method to greatly reduce the total volume of waste. We would have a comfortable dwelling environment and more clean lands, oceans, rivers and so on.

Harmless: as we all know, littering at random is harmful to our environment and our body health. High temperature incineration can eliminate pathogens and parasitic ovum of waste. Meanwhile, the flue gas can reach standard emission. Therefore, converting waste to energy can achieve waste harmless.

Resource Recovery: trash to energy plant recycles waste into useful electricity for household and industry use. Turning waste into treasure has good economic benefit and market prospect. Waste is an abundant and cheap resource for generating electricity.

Investing in waste to energy facility can achieve the reduction, harmless and resource recovery of waste. Non-pollution environment is coming in the near future. If you want to know more about waste to energy plants cost, send us message now!

Working Process Of Waste to Energy Power Plant

Firstly: Pre- treatment Of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste
Household waste is transported to the entrance of garbage receiving system by special vehicles. After weighed, garbage is discharged into garbage bin for fermenting. In order to stabilize the incineration process, the waste need to be homogenized through distributing and mixing by the grab bucket continuously. Then, the disposed waste is fed into incinerator according to the requirement of carrying capacity.

Working Process Of Waste to Energy Power Plant
Working Process Of Waste to Energy Power Plant

Secondly: Waste To Energy Incineration Processes
Primary burning air from the top of rubbish bin enters into the combustion chamber. The secondary burning air is drawn out from the outlet of the bag filter. During the normal working of incinerator, waste incineration processes are completed after the stages of drying, burning, and burn-out.

The residue drops into slag machine and is pushed out by hydraulic equipment for corresponding treatment. The heat from fuel burning is absorbed by boiler heating surface. And, after heater, it produces medium temperature medium pressure superheated steam(400℃,4.0MPa) that is induced to turbine &generator unit for generating electricity. Denitrification system inside the incinerator adopts SNCR technology.

Thirdly: The Treatment Of Residuum From Incineration Processes

  1. Incineration flue gas: through flue gas treatment system (Semi-dry and dry deacidification technology) for purification treatment, flue gas will be discharged into the atmosphere when it reaches the local smoke emission standard.
  2. Slag: most of the slag is transported to slag reuse center for recycling.
  3. Fly ash: after solidified, it is transported to landfill for landfill dispose.
  4. Waste leachate: it is disposed of in waste leachate treatment station. After treatment, it is transported to slag and fly ash disposal system for recycle.

The above are the processes of how to generate electricity from waste. If you have questions about waste to energy plant, contact us now! We will reply you as soon as possible when we get your message.

Investing waste to electricity plant to dispose of waste is the developing trend at present and in the future. Beston Machinery, an leader in the environmental protection industry, would do our best to help you to start the Wte project. You would make great economic value from the business. Beston Machinery is expecting to build a cleaner world with you. If you have interest, get waste to energy power plant cost now!

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