Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Waste tyres are difficult to break down within a short time, so so there are more and more used tyres piled up. How to recycle waste tyres in a green and beneficial method is not only a challenge, but also a business chance for the one who want to benefit from it. Beston has come up with great solutions on processing waste tyres. The waste tyres can be recycled into granules or rubber powder by the waste tyre recycling plant for sale. The plant can not only solve the serious problem of environmental pollution, but also can turn waste into wealth.

Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale
Newest Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale from Beston

As the top tyre recycling plant manufacturer in China, Beston has been specialized in manufacturing all kinds of environmental protection equipment and provide the best solutions for recycling waste tyres. Our newest tyre recycling machinery for sale can be used for processing all kinds of waste tyres.

Advantages of the newest tyre recycling plant for sale from Beston:

1. Waste tyres can be processed into 8-80 mesh rubber granules or powder; and the steel wire and fiber will be separated automatically.

2. The tire recycling equipment for sale has overcome shortcoming of low yield, labor intensive and uncontinuous production.

3. The whole plant is one-stop flow line production, and it can be operated only by 1 -2 workers, which save manpower greatly.

4. The whole recycling line is reasonable and compact, with small area of installation and easy maintenance.

5. There is no waste pollution such as waste water, waste gas and waste residue during the process.

tyre recycling plant manufacturer
Beston – Tyre Recycling Plant Manufacturer & Supplier

Applications of the end products from used tyre recycling plant for sale:

1. 8-20 mesh: it can be used for runway, road cushion, pad, lawn, elastic layer of pavement, and other sports venues.

2. 30-40 mesh: it can be used for producing reclaimed rubber and slab, and modified rubber powder, etc.

3. 40-60 mesh: fine powder, mainly used for filling rubber products, and plastic modification, etc.

4. 60-80 mesh: superfine powder, mainly used for automobile tire, rubber products, and building materials, etc.

Pyrolysis plant for sale to recycle waste tyres into fuel oil:

Beston has also introduced advanced pyrolysis technology to recycle waste tyres. The tyre pyrolysis plant can turn waste tyre into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire with high efficiency, which is another effective method to recycle waste tyres. Contact us for more about tyre recycling!

tyre pyrolysis plant
Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Korea

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