waste tyre recycling plant

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

There is no doubt that cars have become an important part of our daily life activities. More and more cars mean that more and more waste tyres are coming along. So a proper method of recycling waste tyres is critical. Beston machinery has not only designed the tyre pyrolysis plant that can convert waste tyres into useful resources, but also manufactured the waste tyre recycling plant that is capable of disposing any type of tyres and processing them into granules.

waste tyre recycling plant
Beston Waste Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Operating process and advantages of Beston tyre recycling plant:

Beston tyres recycling plant starts from the bead braking machine, through which the steel wire ring inside the bead is removed. Then utilize the tyre shredding machine to crush the waste tyres into small pieces. The tyre pieces within 50mm produced from the shredder are sent to the next process (granulation) by the conveyor belt. Waste tyres are disposed to extremely fine granules in the granulator. The end products are steel-free rubber granulates (less than 3mm in size).

Beston tyre recycling machine
Beston Tyre Recycling Machine with High Efficiency

The waste tyre recycling plants manufactured by Beston have greater flexibility and can be suitable for dealing with any type of tires and processing them into granules. Beston has adopted the unique and latest technologies to improve the efficiency of the machine to dispose the large quantities of waste tyres. The most special feature of Beston tire recycling machine is that the high-value products from each phase can be widely utilized in a range of different industries. Here is the latest waste tyre recycling plant price for your reference.

Wide applications of Beston waste tyre recycling machine:

1. Tyre manufacture

Many tyre manufacturers add recycled material into their compounds. Beside saving material costs, adding crumb rubber to virgin rubber compound also has the following advantages:

* Better mixing properties that can improve stability form for uncured parts.

* Reduce cure time.

* Improve mould release.

* Improve degassing during the vulcanization process.

Tyre manufacture
Tyre Manufacture

2. Rubber-modified asphalt (RMA)

Recycled tyre rubber is often added to the asphalt mix in order to improve the performance characteristics. The main advantages of RMA can be summarized as follows:

* RMA is particularly useful in areas with extreme climates, such as high temperatures in summer and severe frost in winter. Thermal cracking and rutting can be reduced with this kind of asphalt mix.

* Due to lower maintenance costs and increased durability, the life-cycle cost of RMA is significantly lower when compared to conventional asphalt road surfaces.

* Traffic safety is increased due to better de-icing properties, as RMA is featured withskid resistance.

Rubber-modified asphalt (RMA)
Rubber-modified asphalt (RMA)

3. Moulded products

Most of these products are high-volume, low-tech products, such as rubber paving blocks, livestock mats, railroad crossings, removable speed bumps, gymnasium mats, etc.

Moulded products
Moulded Products

4. Athletic surfaces and playground covers

This technique is widely used for running tracks, tennis courts, and similar athletic surfaces and playground covers. This application has been very popular in the past decade, and is expected to continue developing in coming years.

Athletic surfaces and playground covers
Athletic Surfaces and Playground Covers

5. Civil engineering construction

Tyre-derived products, mostly 50mm tyre chips, can be used to replace conventional construction material, such as road fill, gravel, crushed rock or sand. The benefits of using tyre chips instead of conventional construction materials are reducing density, improving drainage properties and guaranteeing good thermal insulation. Civil engineering applications of scrap tyres are expected to become more widespread as more and more applications can be proven to be technically viable and economically advantageous.

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