medical waste treatment equipment

Advanced Treatment Technology for Medical Solid Waste

Present situation of medical waste

With the rapid development of economic, the medical standard continues increasing, and the medical cause continues expanding. So the number of medical solid waste is also increasing. The main components of medical waste are plastic, paper, gauze and cotton balls, which accounts for 86.03% of the total. The rest are rubber, tissue, glass, metal, etc.

Medical waste has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent infection. If not disposed properly, the medical waste poses a serious threat to the environment, thus laying a serious hidden danger for the breeding and spreading of the disease. Different from domestic waste, the medical waste usually has a large number of pathogens, whose toxicity is several times or even hundreds of times of the normal garbage. The medical waste has a direct threat to personal health and social safety.

medical waste treatment equipment
Medical waste treatment equipment

Treatment of medical waste

Incineration is one of the effective methods to treat medical waste. But plastic products account for a large proportion of medical waste, the dioxins produced after burning will produce secondary pollution to the air.

The pyrolysis gasification technology of the third generation waste treatment technologies is also known as pyrolysis, which is the more popular method in disposing garbage waste in recent years. Compared with the incineration method, this technology has lower temperature, and doesn’t have open flame combustion process, with most of the heavy metals remaining in the residue. The medical waste pyrolysis can prevent the generation of dioxin, which is better to solve the biggest problem of waste incineration technology to avoid secondary pollution.

China Beston Group has developed crushing, disinfection and pyrolysis technology for treating medical solid waste, and has successfully transformed these technologies into practical applications. We have manufactured the medical waste pyrolysis plant, which can effectively solve the secondary pollution problem of medical waste in the traditional incineration and landfill process, as well as make the medical waste achieve secondary utilization of resources.

medical waste pyrolysis
Medical waste pyrolysis plant

Characteristics of medical waste treatment equipment

1. The whole pyrolysis process of the equipment is operated in a smoke-free and odorless environment, with fexcellent safety and environmental protection.

2. Adopting microwave disinfection and sterilization technology, with 99.99% sterilization rate.

Program of the equipment

Based on the above principles and combined with the characteristics of the pyrolysis project, we can develop program of the project. The project selects advanced equipment, and entrusts the relevant university professor. We can customized the product manufacturing according to specific requirement.