Beston Biomass Carbonization Machine

Beston Biomass Carbonization Machine Launches in the International Market

China is a big country of agricultural production with large population, so the character of vast territory and abound resource has provided a large market for the application of biomass carbonation machine. The biomass carbonation equipment is becoming more and more popular in our life, which can deal with various kinds of agricultural wastes, such as wheat straw, corn straw, rice shell and fruit shell, etc, to turn them into useful resources. The carbonized products can be used in different industries. With the development of carbonation technology, the carbonizing machine can be also applied in the management of sewage sludge, which has provided more supporting for the green and health life.

Beston Biomass Carbonization Machine
Beston Biomass Carbonization Machine

Beston (Henan) Machinery Co. ltd. is a famous manufacturing company of carbonizer machine in China, which has obtained reputation both at home and abroad. Taking sludge treatment as example, the carbonation of sludge means heating and pressing the sludge to separate the water and reserve the carbonization material of sludge as much as possible. The advantages of this technology are saving energy, high heat efficiency and high-quality carbonized products. If we can process the sludge material by using the best carbonation machine, we can get better economic benefits and environment efficiency.

Beston carbonization machine possesses many features:

1. Reducing the weight: the volume of water in the sludge will be lost in the carbonization process;

2. There is inodorous smell, non-toxic and harmless gas after carbonization;

3. The carbonized biomass can be further processed into activated carbon, which realizes the resource recycling.

4. Our charcoal machines have been equipped with safe devices to avoid explosion and other unnecessary danger.

The carbonation plant manufactured by Beston Group has introduced the advanced technology of “one fire with two steps”. So the final products have higher quality, and this plant belongs to our patented product. We has rich exporting foreign experience and successful cases in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. Our plant can bring high and desire achievements for clients, and it also can make a great contribution to our environment. In addition, the biomass pyrolysis plant also respond the national policy of environmental production, and get much supporting from government. so we hope we can work together to catch the opportunity of technological development to make a great progress in protecting environment.