Beston Carbonization Machine Was Shipped To Spain

Good news, a set of Beston carbonization machine was shipped to Spain successfully. We checked every details of the whole plant to make sure high quality and quantity of spare parts. Here, you can see the delivery pictures:

Carbonization Machine To Spain
Carbonization Machine To Spain
Carbonization Machine In Container
Carbonization Machine In Container

Spanish customer would like to make charcoal from pig hair. When he decided to buy the carbonizing machine, he found out some manufacturers. Through consulting, he came to our factory and see the working processes of our machine. He was satisfied with the quality of the charcoal. Meanwhile, we can supply installation and training service. Therefore, he made a decision to purchase the machine from Beston.

Beston carbonization can also dispose of wood chips, wood, coconut shell, rice husk, stalks of plants, palm shell, peach nuclear, sewage sludge, and so on. If you are interested in, contact us now!

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