Beston Plastic Pyrolysis Machine is a New Project Combined Environmental Protection with Economic Benefits

Waste plastic is the chief culprit of white pollution. With the gradually increasing of people’s awareness in environmental protection, the treatment of waste plastic has become more and more urgency. Beston plastic waste pyrolysis machine is a good assistant in disposal of environmental pollution, ad its economic efficiency is also obvious.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant
waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The pyrolysis of waste plastic has applied advanced pyrolysis technology to convert waste plastic into fuel oil, carbon black and etc. In addition, in order to guarantee the quality of end products, we should remove the extra moisture of waste plastic through the dryer device; then convey the waste plastic into pyrolysis reactor to have a high temperature pyrolysis; when the temperature has reached the specific data, there will be oil gas generating in the reactor; then through the further processed by condenser system, hydro-seal device, dedusting system, and etc., the oil gas will be liquefied into fuel oil which will be collected by the oil tank, and the residual material in the reactor is called carbon black, which can be discharged directly. In addition, in the plastic pyrolysis process, the pyrolysis plant will produce a little combustible gas, and it will be purified by hydroseal system and then recycled to heat the reactor again. So Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant can fully realize energy self-supporting, which can not only reduce the investment, but also can achieve the goal of environmental protection.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant
waste plastic pyrolysis machine for sale

In general, the end products produced from the pyrolysis of waste plastics will be recycled and used in many areas. For example, the fuel oil from plastic waste can be used as fuel directly to provide heat in industrial areas and restaurants, while the carbon black can be compressed into ball for industry heating, whose the calorific value is equal to the coal; or it also can be reprocessed into high-quality carbon black with different standards by carbon black processing machine, to be used as additive. So the economic benefits of waste plastic to oil machine are quite great. Thus Beston plastic pyrolysis plant for sale can be regarded as a profitable project with environmental protection efficiency.

Beston Machinery has devoted itself to the researching and development of pyrolysis machines for many years. With the constantly revolution and development of technology, Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plants have been exported to many countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, etc. We have possessed the richest exporting experience and most excellent professional technology, and we believe that Beston Group is the first and best choice for you.