Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machines

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machines is a Tool to Create New Resources

Beston pyrolysis machines are mainly used to process living waste and industrial waste, which has fully realized the resource recycling. Environmental protection is always the focus that people and government are paying more attention to. So this program not only has a close relation to our individual interests, but also connects with the whole social benefit. Next let’s witness the unique characteristics of Beston waste pyrolysis plants for sale.

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machines
Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine was Sucessfully Installed in Indonesia

Environmental operation flows of Beston pyrolysis equipment

Liquid waste treatment: the water can be divided into two parts, tho one is used for cooling which has no pollution; the other one is used in dedusting system, which can be recycled and only generates evaporation, no emissions.

Residual solid treatment: there are also two kinds of residual materials. The one part is generated by the pyrolysis reactor, which is called carbon back and has been heated by the high temperature with no toxic and no smell. This kind of material can be applied to chemical production or used as constructional materials. The other part is the discharge of coal which can also used in construction industry.

Treatment of tail gas: it can be divided into three parts. Firstly, a small amount of water steam and oil gas will be leaked from the feed inlet, and at this time, the fume hood will recycle these gas for secondary combustion and then enter dedusting system to have a treatment. In addition, the dust will be discharged from the chimney by the draft fan when coal is burning, which can ensure the whole process to meet related standards. The last is the non-recoverable gas which is generated by the reactor in the normal temperature below the C4 and normal pressure. This kind of material usually contains methane, ethane, butane, hydrogen, etc. It can be sent into reactor through pipe of closed firearm for burning by gas gun which can both save energy but also is environmental protection. In the production process, the waste pyrolysis equipment is operated in the fully sealed state, without producing any odor.

The final step is the treatment of noise. The noise treatment is relied on the low noise fan device, through which the noise is less than 60 decibels. In addition, noise generator and power feeding machine should also be less than 50 dB.

From the above items, we can know that Beston waste pyrolysis system has an excellent efficiency on environmental protection. So if you want to make a contribution to the environment, please contact us as soon as possible.