Chile Customers Visited Beston Machinery

Chile Customers Visited Beston

On January 17, 2019, Chile customers visited Beston. Chile customers are running a company that is specialized in waste recycling. They wanted to know more about waste pyrolysis plant and waste sorting machine through this visiting.

Chile Customers Visited Beston
Chile Customers Visited Beston

For pyrolysis plant: they hope to pyrolyze waste tire and waste plastic to get fuel oil. Then, through distillation, they want to use the end product for electricity generation. They are very interested in electricity generation function of end product.

For waste sorting machine: they want to take full advantage of garbage through automatic sorting. The Chile customers think that it is a good new way to turn waste into treasure.

Chile Customers In Pyrolyis Plant Factory
Chile Customers In Pyrolyis Plant Factory
Chile Customers Watch PPT Of Pyrolysis Plant

During visiting time, they have an overall understanding about Beston and our products. Therefore, the customers look forward to cooperating with Beston soon after. Beston would do maximum possible efforts to customize the pyrolsyis plant and waste recycling plant for you.

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