Waste Recycling Plant for Sale

As we all know, waste is a kind of precious material which is placed just in the wrong places. So if we can properly dispose the waste materials, we can get valuable resources to improve the environment and relieve energy crisis. To seize this business opportunity, we, Beston, have developed a whole set of waste recycling plant for sale, which can deal with different kinds of waste from sorting to further processing. The whole waste waste recycling facility includes waste sorting equipment, pyrolysis equipment, waste plastic recycling plant, carbonation equipment, distillation machine, carbon black processing machine.

The Primary Step of Waste Recycling Plant for Sale – Garbage Sorting Machine

The waste sorting machine is the foundation of the whole waste recycling machine, which has played an important role in the whole recycling process. The machine can be used for treatment of MSW, industrial waste, etc. The excellent sealing system of the machine will not cause any pollutant, which has responded the concept of harmless production. Beston garbage separation system is mainly used to separate the various recycling materials from the waste mixtures. It has been equipped with various kinds of separators such as manual sorting platform, magnetic separator, rotating screening machine and many other devices to separate different waste materials. In addition, we also have great sealing deodorization system to make a comfortable workshop for workers. After sorted by these systems, finally we can get large appliances, metal, organic, biomass waste and plastic respectively. The divided materials can be further processed into useful resources by different recycling machines for sale.

Waste Recycling Plant for Sale
Waste Recycling Plant for Sale

Further processing of waste materials by waste recycling plant

Carbonation machine for municipal waste, biomass, sludge

After sorted by waste sorting system, the waste can be directly fed into carbonizer machine for making into charcoal. The machine can be also used to dispose sewage sludge, biomass waste such as residual leaves, rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell, wood, etc. The resulting charcoal and combustible gas both have high caloric values that can be used as the fuel directly, which will not cause any pollutants. The charcoal carbonization machine is a necessary part to deep recycle sorted waste and create higher profits.

Carbonization machine
Carbonization machine

Beston waste recycling equipment for sale for plastic waste

Generally, after sorted by solid waste sorting line, plastic is accounting for a large proportion. Beston has two waste recycling lines to recycle the plastic waste. Firstly, the plastic waste can be directly made into granules by Beston waste plastic recycling machine, and the granules can be made into new plastic products. Secondly, the plastic waste can be converted into fuel oil and carbon black by Beston plastic pyrolysis equipment for sale, which also can be utilized to dispose other wastes such as tires, rubber, medical waste and sludge. The fuel oil can be refined into diesel or gasoline by another waste recycling unit – distillation plant for sale, while the carbon black can be deep ground into finer N220, N330, N660 carbon black by Beston carbon black processing plant. The special pyrolysis plant design can reduce the waste recycling plant cost and create more profits.

waste plastic recycling machine
Waste plastic recycling machine
plastic pyrolysis equipment for sale
Plastic pyrolysis equipment for sale

The above is the whole waste recycling machine. The machine is mainly used to improve the local environment and drive the economic. With mature production experience and advanced technology, our MSW recycling plant has been exported to many countries, such as Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, etc. The waste recycling projects have obtained supporting from the local government as its social and economic benefits.


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