Used Engine Oil Recycling Plant

Why Should You Choose the Used Engine Oil Recycling Plant Manufactured By Beston Group?

The used engine oil recycling machine manufactured by Beston Group is a new technology whose daily handling capacity is 6-100 tons. The main part of the machine is the reactor which is used for hydration, impurity removal, esterification, reaction, distillation and decolorization respectively. Besides, it is also equipped with condenser system, vacuum system, filtration system, boiler heating system and dedusting system. Beston waste oil refining plant can distill the plastic oil, tire oil, used engine oil and other kinds of waste oil materials into non-standard diesel.

Why should you choose the used engine oil recycling equipment manufactured by Beston?

Used Engine Oil Recycling Plant
Used Engine Oil Recycling Plant


The introduction of the automatic weld and the X-ray inspection weld provide our clients with high-quality oil recycling plants. There are thermodetector and safety valve in each reactor, which is convenient for customers to operate safely and simply.

Environmental protection

* Dedusting system can eliminate the tail gas efficiently to meet the discharge standard and achieve the green production.

* The recycling water doesn’t get in touch with the oil, which is both environmental and economic.

Long service life, durable

* Raw material: stainless steel boiler plate material

* Welding: the introduction of the automatic weld and X-ray inspection weld extend the using life of the reactor for 6 to 7years.

* Reactor heated indirectly, which can not only heat the reactor uniformly but also extend the using time.


* The heating system of the oil distillation machine must be sealed to prevent the gas leaking and save the energy.

* The extra gas can be recycled into the reactor, heated in vacuum to produce the powerful negative pressure. Under this circumstance, the oil will be distilled quickly, which can reduce energy.

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