Waste Oil Recycling Plant

Waste Oil Recycling Plant

With the development of the world industrial economy and the rapid increase of population, the global energy shortage and the environment are facing more and more serious problems. How to recycle all kinds of waste oil has attracted worldwide attention. Based on the current situation, Beston has development the latest waste oil recycling plant, which is aimed at not only solving the problem of waste oil pollution, but also making great profits.

Waste Oil Recycling Plant
Beston Waste Oil Recycling Plant in Ukraine

The waste oil recycling plant for sale can deal with these waste oil materials:

Raw material Remarks
Used engine oil Requirement: the raw material for oil recycling plant should be liquid or flowable emulsion. The yield of the product varies according to the different raw materials.

Please inform the type of your raw material, and mail your samples. We can make oil yield test in advance.

Tire oil
Plastic oil
Crude oil
Various fuel oil
Various heavy oil
Waste lubricating oil

The common engine oil is mineral engine oil, which is obtained from the heavy fraction of petroleum through distillation. The so-called waste engine oil, one refers to the engine oil that has been mixed with water, dust, other miscellaneous, metal power produced from mechanical wear and tear and other impurities in use; another one refers to gradual metamorphism engine oil which has produced organic acids, colloid and asphalt-like substances. Waste oil regeneration means removing the impurities in the waste oil by sedimentation, distillation, pickling, caustic washing, filtration and other methods.

The used oil recycling machine (also called waste oil to diesel plant) adopts an advanced technology called distillation or refining, which is a combination of physical reaction and chemical reaction.

oil recycling machine for sale
Oil recycling machine for sale

Specific waste oil recycling process is as follows:

1. Sediment the waste oil so that the impurities fall and separate. The sedimentation time is determined by the oil quality and oil temperature. The higher the oil temperature, the smaller the viscosity, the impurity falls more easily, and the sedimentation time is shorter. The impurities sedimentation time of the general engine oil has a great relationship with temperature;

2. Heat the oil distillation reactor, and then liquefied the resulting oil gas;

3. Pickling can further process the engine oil that has been settled and distilled. Concentrated sulfuric acid occurs sulfonation reaction with glial, asphalt-like impurities and so on in the used engine oil;

4. Alkaline washing is aimed at removing organic acids in the waste oil and neutralizing the residual sulfuric acid in pickling;

5. After filtering, we finally get the final products.

engine oil recycling machine
Engine oil recycling machine

The waste oil recycling equipment can not only deal with waste motor oil or used engine oil, but also can deal with the tire/plastic pyrolysis oil as a follow-up equipment. After extracting oil from waste materials by waste pyrolysis machine, if we want to make the oil have high value and wider applications, we often make the oil processed in the distillation plant, also called used oil recycling machine. Finally we can get qualified diesel or gasoline, which can be directly used in low speed engines, such as digging machine, road roller, loading machine, etc.

As a professional waste oil distillation machine manufacturer, we have designed the plant into two types to satisfy more customers: batch plant (BZJ-6, BZJ-10), with capacity of 6t/d and 10t/d).

Model BZJ-06 BZJ-10
Capacity 6T/D 10T/D
Oil Yield 5.1T/D 8.5T/D
Working Method Batch
Raw Materials Crude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating Materials Oil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Power 20KW 36KW
Structural Form Vertical
Cooling Method Water cooling
Operating Pressure Normal and Vacuum
Service Life 5-8 years
waste oil recycling equipment
Waste oil recycling equipment

Each set of the used oil recycling plant for sale has the following advantages:

1. Each of the waste oil recycling plant produced by Beston Group has been certified by CE, ISO, SGS, etc.

2. The condenser is equipped with latest double vertical tubular and 56 cooling pipes, which has lager cooling area, more effective cooling effect, higher oil yield.

3. The plant is equipped with safety values, auto alarming system, anti-explosion value and many other safety devices, which will guarantee 100% safety.

4. Each step of the waste oil recycling process can be safe, energy-saving, environmental friendly, pollution-free.

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