BLL-16 Pyrolysis Reactor

Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India

In accordance with Indian environmental regulations, Beston supplies new type continuous pyrolysis plant in India to achieve non-pollution production process. Most important of all, Beston can upgrade your batch pyrolysis system to continuous system. Therefore, you will save a large amount of money to buy new machine. If you need, tell us your current condition. We will provide the most appropriate project report for you.

Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India

Upgrading Project For Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India

Firstly, if you have pyrolysis reactor in good condition, we will modify your reactor to connect the auto-feeder and auto-discharger. Then, the whole process can realize high temperature feeder(160℃) and discharger(200℃).

Secondly, configurate two kinds of equipments for dealing with redundant combustible gas:

  • Combustion chamber: burn combustible gas and then discharge the exhaust gas through dedusting system.
  • Airbag: collect redundant combustible gas with airbag. During preheat process, use combustible gas to heat reactor. You will save a sum of money.
Upgrading For Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India
Upgrading For Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India

If you are running tyre pyrolyzing business, contact us now! We would like to help you to make your pyrolysis units to meet with Indian environmental regulations. Get pyrolysis plant cost in India here.

BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant in India – Beston Supplies

Beston designed BLL-16 pyrolysis plant for Indian customers. BLL-16 can process crushed tyre with two batches per day. For each pyrolyzing process, it can process 8t raw materials. You will get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire.

BLL-16 Pyrolysis Reactor
BLL-16 Pyrolysis Reactor

Beston Successful Cases Across the World

Pyrolysis plants of Beston have been exported to many countries: the Philippines, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hungary, Indonesia, Romania, Korea, Turkey, Dominica, Nigeria, Jordan, Netherlands, Brazil etc. So, Beston has skilled manufacturing experience and abundant exporting experience. Rest assured to purchase it from Beston and find tyre oil plant cost in India, now!

Pyrolysis Plant Across the World
Pyrolysis Plant Across the World

Video of Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India

Advantages of Beston Waste Tyre Oil Plant in India

Environmental friendly:

  • Sealed feeder and discharger make 100% clean production site without rising dust and harmful gases.
  • Dedusting system contains four steps: water washing, water spray, ceramic ring adsorption and activated carbon adsorption. So, harmful gases and dust will be purified and then discharged harmlessly. With Beston dedusting system, smoke exhaust will meet EU emission standard.

High temperature feeding and discharging: For older type tyre oil plant in India, most of them discharge slag when temperature reaches 40-60℃. With Beston pyrolysis plant for sale in India, slag can be discharged when temperature reaches 200℃. As a result, a lot of manufacturing time can be saved. Time is money, you can earn higher economic value with the same time.

Shaftless spiral: using non-axis spiral can ensure feed and discharge smoothly.

Slag tank: Beston equips slag tank for waste tyre pyrolysis plant in India. It is very convenient for storaging and transporting carbon black.

Modularity and Customization: on the basis of your requirement, we will customize the whole tire pyrolysis plant India for you. Also, you can just buy the spare parts that you are lacking of.

Superior fuel oil: rubber powder as feeding material can remove a part of fiber. Meanwhile, more reasonable air outlet and slag notch ensure higher quality fuel oil.

Higher economic value: before pyrolyzing, steel wire can be taken out. You can sold the steel wire with higher price.
In fact, there are more benefits when you choose Beston pyrolysis plant. We just list some of them here. Interested? Just email to us to obtain tyre pyrolysis plant cost in India.

Fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant in India designed by Beston adapts to local environmental requirements. Beston can offer turnkey project for you. We will help you to modify pyrolysis plant structure and equip spare parts. In this way, the whole tyre pyrolyzing process will not pollute the environment and had negative impact on the health of the facilities’ workers. Your business will survive from shutdown crisis. Seek out pyrolysis plant cost estimate in India here.

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