Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

On the basis of small pyrolysis machine, Beston has developed the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant to meet more customers’ demand, save cost as well as get rid of manual work. The fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant can deal with waste tyres, plastics, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge 20-24t/d, with the model of BLL-20. The plant has been designed with various advantages:

Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Firstly, the continuous type pyrolysis plant has a large handling capacity of 20-24t/d, which is suitable for large factories or the customers who have large amount of waste tyres to dispose.

Secondly, it is equipped with an auto feeder. The waste tyres can be fed into the reactor automatically, which can greatly save manpower and cost. Thirdly, the plant is equipped with a tyre shredder. By the shredder machine, waste tyres can be crushed into small pieces of 50mm*50mm, which can improve the pyrolysis efficiency in the production process.

Basic Parameter

Working ProcessFully continuous
Reactor Sizeφ1800*18500mm
Reactor Material310S stainless steel
Drive SystemZQH650-50 reducer+15kw frequency conversion motor
Land (L*W*H)70m*20m*10m
Burner2.5 million kcal per set
Total Weight of Shipped MaterialsAbout 150t
Number of Containers25m*8m bulk cargo+8*40HQ
Noise (dB)≤60
Heating MaterialsFuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing Systemφ920*3200
2 sets of vertical condenser

Fourthly, the continuous tyre pyrolysis plant can continuously run for 24 hours per day without a stop. It can achieve feeding of materials and discharging of slags automatically at the same time. Compared with traditional pyrolysis plants, it can improve efficiency greatly and also save time and fuels.

fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant 3d drawing
Fully Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant 3D Drawing

Fifthly, which is also the most important one advantage. The reactor of the tyre pyrolysis plant is stable and not rotary, which makes the temperature rise quickly and the reactor heated evenly. The special design makes the whole tyre pyrolysis process efficient and save much fuel materials.

Applications of the final products from continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

Tyre oil 1. Can be widely used as industrial fuel materials for burning.

2. If further refined to diesel or gasoline, the oil can be used in low speed engines such as digging machine, road roller or loading machine, etc.

3. It can help in relieving energy crisis.

Carbon black 1. The carbon black can be used for construction bricks with clay or used as fuel.

2. If further processed by Beston carbon black processing plant, the carbon black can be deep processed into N220, N330 Carbon black, which has higher value and wider applications.

3. It can be made into pellet or briquette for burning, or further processed into color master batch as basic material to make pipes, cable jacket etc.

Steel wire Can be reprocessing or used to make steel and iron rod.

From the detailed analysis above, you can find that Beston tyre pyrolysis plants are more convenient to operate and have higher working efficiency. Besides, the continuous pyrolysis plant can also save much time and cost for you. If you want to buy pyrolysis plant to make money, BLL series will be the most profitable and beneficial option for you. Moreover, wo also have continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant for your choice.


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