garbage harmless treatment plant

Cooperate With Beston Machinery Co. Ltd. to Turn Waste into Treasure

On the afternoon of February 24, 2017, the special committee of the communist party in Chain firstly held the symposium in the meeting hall of the central authorities, and the theme of this meeting is “To strength the garbage harmless treatment”.

garbage harmless treatment plant
Garbage harmless treatment plant

This symposium is mainly to regard the waste reduction, resource utilization and harmless as the center to have an active discussion and exchanges. During this meeting, most experts thoroughly affirmed the current results of the garbage harmless treatment in our country. Meanwhile, they also pointed the deficiencies and gave their own advice on how to positively deal with and break through these waste treatment problems. Experts suggested that we should also learn from the excellent foreign experiences, based on the characteristics of domestic waste. In this way, we could strengthen the source of waste reduction, and also can actively implement the strict waste classification system. This symposium would make a great contribution to the garbage harmless treatment.

In order to respond this policy, our company, Beston machinery Co. Ltd. has also made a great development that is the perfect pyrolysis oil plant. This kind of machine has adopted the international advanced technology, so as to has a high working efficiency and economic benefits. The most important part is that Beston pyrolysis plant not only has no pollution but also can turn waste into treasure, which fully takes advantage of the garbage.

Now I will give a brief introduction of our great product – waste pyrolysis plant:

Our pyrolysis machine for sale is suitable various kinds of raw materials, including waste plastic, tires, rubber, oil sludge, medical waste and other industrial waste or living waste. The plant can successfully extract oil from these raw materials, which can not only dispose waste but also help relieving energy crisis.

waste pyrolysis plant
Waste pyrolysis plant for sale

The pyrolysis oil plant for sale is mainly made up of 8 parts, including reactor, manifold, sludge oil tank, oil condenser, oil tank, hydroseal, flue tube condenser, cooling tower and dedusting system. Each of the part has the features of safe, mature, high efficiency and pollution-free.

Besides the latest pyrolysis equipment for sale, we have also developed the municipal solid waste sorting machine, which is aimed at sorting the municipal waste or industrial waste for further processing. Other matching equipment, such as biomass carbonation machine, pyrolysis oil distillation plant and carbon black processing plant are also for hot sale.

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone, and Beston machinery company has fully taken this responsibility. So choosing Beston is the election of success.