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Waste Sorting Machine

The waste sorting machine manufactured by China Beston Group is a new trend in the city because it can help solving the garbage pollution issue and improving the living environment. The waste sorting equipment can be used to sort the garbage collected from the city’s hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, streets and so on.

Waste Sorting Machine
Hot Selling Waste Sorting Machine from Beston

Working process of Beston waste sorting machine:

1. After entering the field, the garbage in the truck will be unloaded on the discharge platform, and then brought to the scale plate feeder by hopper. The uniform distributing machine and scale plate feeder are coordinated with each other to rotary, which plays a role in uniform distributing, to ensure that the follow-up equipment can work normally and efficiently.

2. After uniformly distributed, the garbage is sent to the manual sorting platform by belt conveyor, where the workers will sort and select the large objects (quilts, cotton clothes, trunk, branches, long sticks, brick and stones, bottles, etc.) and hazardous waste. The bag breaker can break up the garbage wrapped in plastic bags for further sorting.

Plate Feeder
Plate Feeder
Rotating Screening Machine
Rotating Screening Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine

3. After sorted by manual, the garbage will be sent into screening machine by belt conveyor for screening treatment. According to the technical requirement, we set the sieve plate diameter of the rotary screening machine as 50mm. The machine can divide the garbage into two parts: large than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. The garbage smaller than 50mm is mainly organic matter, and the iron objects in this part of organic matter can be selected out by the hanging magnetic separator, and then is directly sent into compost workshop for treatment.

4. The iron materials larger than 50mm (mainly iron beverage cans and iron cans) can be sorted out by magnetic separation. Then the other garbage larger than 50mm is sent into winnowing machine by belt for wind election treatment. The comprehensive winnowing machine can sort the garbage on the screen out and divide into three parts: the light plastic waste; heavy materials (bricks and tones, rubber shoes, tiles, glass, etc.); secondary heavy materials (hard plastic, textiles, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.).

Suspension Type Magnetic Separator
Suspension Type Magnetic Separator
Manual Sorting Platform
Manual Sorting Platform
Auto Packing Machine
Auto Packing Machine

5. The light plastic waste is sent to manual sorting platform to select debris, and then sent to packing machine by belt for compression packaging and sale, or further processed by waste plastic recycling machine or plastic to oil machine. After sorted by manual, the available substances in the heavy materials (such as rubber shoes) can be shredded by tyre shredding machine for further treatment, such as made into rubber powder by rubber powder production line or converted into fuel oil and carbon black by pyrolysis equipment. The available substances in the secondary heavy materials contain hard plastic products, textiles, rubber, large organic matter and other items available. These sorted materials can be packed for sale. The sorted materials on the screen are mainly combustible materials, which can be directly incinerated for power generation, or landfills. According to the sinotrans way, our waste sorting equipment can be equipped with garbage compression box for further processing.

Beston waste recycling sorting machine video:

Through sorting the garbage by Beston waste sorting equipment for sale, we can get the following final products and they all have wide applications:


The plastics sorted from the waste sorting plant can be processed to make plastic particles or make new plastic products by the plastic recycling machine; or can be converted into to fuel oil and carbon black by pyrolysis machines.


The waste paper can be pulped to make new paper. The metal can be smelt to make new metal.

Glass/Battery/Textile/Bulk Garbage

These kinds of garbage can recovered for reusing.

Biomass/Straw/Food Residue/Dust/

These garbage can be carbonized to charcoal by the biomass pyrolysis plant; or can be used as high-temperature fermentation compost and then produces qualified organic fertilizer.

waste sorting plant
Waste Sorting Plant

Technical specification of Beston waste sorting plant for sale:

1. Material: urban garbage or municipal solid waste (MSW).

2. Capacity: 100-400t/d is one single running line’s capacity; running for 16 hours daily.

3. Feeding style: batch loading by shovel loader.

4. Power consumption: 224.7KW – 294KW.

waste sorting equipment for sale
Waste sorting equipment for sale

5. Basic requirement:

* Reasonable structure and configuration with high degree of automatic operation, to reduce labor intensity;

* The whole waste sorting system is required to be running smoothly and feeding evenly without jam; reasonable connecting style for every transition point, without material release or accumulation;

* All structural parts are treated by shot blasting and can achieve sa205 level in GB8923; painted with high -performance anticorrosive paint in request period to ensure the whole system with the ability of anti-corrosion and meet the harsh environmental requirements of waste disposal equipment; also guarantee the service life of the equipment can’t be shorter than 7 years;

* All the belt conveyors are equipped with nonloaded part cleaner, beginning part cleaner, rotary screener cleaner and tensioning device in the ending part;

waste sorting facility
Beston waste sorting facility in China

* All the belts have a good wear resistance, corrosion and acid and alkali performance; to ensure the operation security, there are manual rope switches equipped on both sides of all the belt conveyors; automatic correction and tension device are also equipped with the waste sorting machine; each of the conveyor is equipped with emergency stop button; the service life of the belt will not be less than 2 years;

* All the devices are equipped with manual automatic switch and emergency stop device, to ensure the safety of people; the emergency stop switch is set in a position where the device is easy to operate to prevent malfunctioning or electric shock accidents during the production and maintenance.

* Beston Group has fully considered the operation, maintenance and repair for customers in the design and manufacturing process.

* The machine for sorting waste is quite durable and reliable, while the waste sorting machine price is quite reasonable. Contact us for free quote now!

waste sorting system
Waste sorting system

Basic parameter of Beston waste sorting equipment for sale:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours
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