waste tyre pyrolysis plant

How to Deal with Waste Tires? What are the Uses of Waste Tires?

In recent years, the global annual quality of the waste tires is increasing at an alarming speed, while the recovery rate is very low, which has caused the large resources wasting.

Waste tires

At present, there are three methods to recycle waste tires:

Firstly, the waste tire can be directly crushed by tire shredder and then further process into rubber powder by rubber recycling plant, which will be used to pave road. In this way, we can also save lots of asphalt.

Secondly, the waste tire can be used to produce reclaimed rubber through desulphurization, to produce rubber hose, rubber cushion and so on. Besides, it can be also added to new tires at a certain proportion, which can save plenty of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Thirdly, the waste tire can be processed into fuel oil and carbon black which are both important chemical raw materials through the famous tyre pyrolysis plant for sale.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale

Meanwhile, in some places, many people always use the traditional method to deal with waste tyre, such as burning, landfill, and even random discard. These kinds of inappropriate methods can cause the “black pollution”. As we all know that waste tire is the toxic and hazardous solid waste, and it has a strong heat resistance, anti-dissoluble. So if this kind of waste had been buried in the ground for 100 years, it would not degrade. In many developed countries, they have made a serious principle for the waste recovery, and they forbid buying or selling waste tire to carry out the producer responsibility system, which means that only the producer of tire, car manufactures, automobile repair businessmen have the right to recycle waste tires and have a unified treatment in the designated collected places.

How to deal with these waste tires in an appropriate method?

Beston machinery company in China can provide a strategy for you: Beston has introduced the advanced pyrolysis technology that can divide the big molecules into small ones. You can get many high value products through Beston pyrolysis equipment, such as 45%-50% fuel oil, 10%-15% steel wire, 30%-35% carbon black and 8%-10% combustible gas. Our tyre pyrolysis plant project can realize 100% recycling of waste tyres. You can not only gain the ideal economic benefits but also can improve the local environment to avoid the waste pollution.

tyre pyrolysis machine
Tyre pyrolysis machine

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