Tyre Shredding Machine

Tyre shredding machine is a mechanical device used to cut tyre and rubber into either fine blocks or rubber powder. Due to steel wire and large volume, the whole tyre is difficult for processing directly. Therefore, tire shredder is needed for most tyre recycling project. Having it enables your project go smoothly. It is an absolutely excellent pre-treatment device for further tyre recycling. Welcome to contact us to get competitive tire shredding machine price.

Tyre Shredder Machine In Spain
Tyre Shredder Machine In Spain

End Products From Tire Shredder

Small Pieces of Tyre
Small Pieces of Tyre
Powder From Tyre
Powder From Tyre
Steel Wire From Tyre
Steel Wire From Tyre

Two Ways To Dispose of Used Tyres:

First: Shred to small pieces

Directly sell: small pieces of tyres after processed by tyre shredder machine can be sold at a higher price in the market.

Further process to make fuel oil: how to dispose of the used tyre in an eco-friendly way is frequently discussed by the government and environmentalists. Up to now, pyrolyzing tyres into fuel oil is an effective and harmless method. Small pieces of rubber is required for the reactor of pyrolysis plant. The whole tyre can not enter into the reactor without cutting and steel removing. Thus, enough preprocessing works are needed before pyrolyzing, like removing steel wire and cut tyres. With Beston tyre shredder, you would get small pieces of rubber easily and efficiently. Then, go on your pyrolyzing process.

Second: Shred to powder

The powder has a wide market space. You can make lots of money through investing the profitable business. If you want to make powder, you need to equip rubber powder producer, vibrating screen, and other equipmments for your project. Here, you can see the process here:

  • Cutting tire sidewall
  • Removing steel wire
  • Comprehensive shredding (60*60mm tire block)
  • Rubber power producing
  • Screening
  • Megnetic seperation
  • 5-30 mesh powder come out
Working Process of Tyre Shredder Machine
Working Process of Tyre Shredder Machine

The detailed descriptions on the working process is not shown here. Better still, you can see the tire shredding machine video to learn it more vividly. Whatever you want to get, if you need to shred types, contact us to get a reasonable tyre shredding machine price at any time. We are 24/h online to answer any questions on the tyre recycling machine.

Technical Parameters of Beston Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale

Tyre Shredder Machine
Tyre Shredder Machine
Tire Shredding Machine
Model 900 1200
Capacity 1-3 t/h 2.5-5 t/h
Feed size ≦900mm ≦1200mm
Output size 50*50mm 50*50mm
Motor power (20*2+1.5+0.5)kw (45*2+3)kw
Splindle rate 16turn/min 12turn/min
Dimensions 2000*2500*2800mm 4000*3400*3700mm
Weight 6.8ton 18ton

Video on Tire Shredder Machine for Sale

Tyre Shredding Machine – Crashe Into Small Particles

Make Rubber Powder With Tyre Shredder

Advantages of Tyre Shredding Machine for Sale

☞ 1. The tire shredder machine has features of high security guarantee, durable, cramped construction, advanced technical method, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

☞ 2. Tire shredder for sale is convenient to maintain because of the open structure.

☞ 3. Tyre shredder for sale is equipped with planet gear speed reducer, which ensures smooth and reliable operation, low noise as well as safe.

☞ 4. The cutting edge of the knife is the special cemented carbide, which has been processed by high hardness and wear-resisting. The wearing part can be changed quickly. It has the advantages of long service life, high efficiency, and advanced technology.

☞ 5. Round mesh screen is a steel grid structure with a large blanking area. It is convenient to classify qualified recyclable rubber blocks. And, it also can avoid shredding the qualified rubber blocks repeatedly.

The main advantages of Beston tyre shredder machine for sale are prioritized in the above. In fact, there are many other significant advantages. If you are interested to know, welcome to contact us. We would provide a specific explanation for you.

 Beston Tyre Shredding Machine for Sale
Beston Tyre Shredding Machine for Sale

Great Significance of Processing Tyre with Rubber Shredder Machine

♥ Economic value: you can sell the small pieces of tyre in the market directly. Certainly, you can sell the fuel oil and rubber powder in the market. The rubber tire shredder machine plays an important role in your tyre recycling business. You would make great profits through investing these projects.

♥ Eco-friendly: large quantities of used tyres are produced on earth. Just burning or piling, it is a waste of resource. Also, it will have pollution on earth and our life. Shred tyres to small pieces with tyre chips making machine, tons of tyres would have new utility value and economic value. At the same time, less pollution is guaranteed. So, try to set about the multiple benefit business now.

Tyre shredding machine is specially designed for shredding the tyres, car tyre, truck tyre and so on. With Beston tire shredding equipment, you would get small pieces of tyres. If you want to start further process, you can get first class waste tire pyrolysis equipment and rubber powder making machine from us. Beston, as professional and leading manufacture, would spare no efforts in helping you to achieve success. Win-win is the consistent goal of Beston. Let’s be a further cooperative partner now!

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