Beston Waste Oil Distillation Equipment

Information and After-sale Service of Beston Waste Oil Distillation Equipment

Beston waste oil distillation equipment can deal with these materials:

Raw material Remarks
Waste engine oil Requirement: the raw materials must be liquid or flowable milky products. The yield of end-product varies from different raw material.

Please inform us the type of your raw material, and send us your samples and then we will make oil yield test in advance.

Tyre pyrolysis oil
Plastic pyrolysis oil
Crude oil
Fuel oil
Heavy oil
Waste lubricating oil
Beston Waste Oil Distillation Equipment
Beston Waste Oil Distillation Equipment

We can use these fuel materials for heating:

Fuel material Combustion aid tool
Coal Grate
Firewood Grate
Oil (fuel oil, tire oil, plastic oil, heavy oil…) Fuel spray gun
Natural gas Fuel spray gun
Electricity Electric wire
Carbon black particles We provide grinding equipment

End-products and proportion (water content no more than 5%):

Diesel Gasoline Exhaust gas Heavy oil residue
70% 10% 5% 15%

Instillation of the distillation plants:

In accordance with the contract, after we receive the deposit, we will arrange the technical staff to the factory for infrastructure planning and guidance. After the waste oil to diesel plant is dispatched, the technician will be arranged to your country to guide the instillation, testing and training the operators.

waste oil to diesel plant
Waste oil to diesel plant

Covering area of the waste oil distillation plant:

The whole production line covers an area of 300-500m2, including the refined oil irrigation area. Customers can set the time of each batch according to their own situations.

Catalyst formulation:

The end products need to reconcile and then are close to the national standard oil. We will provide the catalyst recipe to our customers free of charge.

Delivery cycle: 10-15 days/unit.

Warranty: two years (normal operating conditions except for wearing parts, free maintenance), life-long maintenance. The host adopts Q245R and Q245R boiler plate and can bear 700℃ high temperature.